your best powder and bullet combo

*KD said: for each of your cal's what powder and bullet combo do u find the best ?

m*rtinbns said: 300 winny 168 gr TSX and 75vgr reloder 22 3200 fps, very accurate 308 150 gr btip 45 grsreloder 15 great for whitetail 223 h335 and 55 gr vmax easy to shoot, accurate past 300 metres 7mm SAUM 150gr etip and 61 grs h4831sc last years hunting load 30-06 168 grTSX 58 grs h4350 my son's load 7mm rem mag 160 accubonds reloder 22 63 grs stupid accurate in the Sako 75 I had for a while 260 rem 125 gr partition and 45grs h4350 this load was great in two different 700 mountain rifles 130 gr TSX and 60 grs H4831 in two different 270's I'm sure there are more but that's all the last few years have produced that was memorable.

*nagoth said: 22-250 45 sierra spitzer with IMR 4064, so far

Cy*N1de said: 6BR - 107 Sierra - 30.5 Varget - BR4 (28" Barrel) 6BR - 107 Sierra - 28.7 Varget - BR4 (24.5" Barrel)

604sh*oter said: 30-06 - 57gr IMR4350 + 165gr Nosler Accubond or 165gr Hornady SP 308 - 44.5 Varget 165 Hornady SP 6.5x55 - 46.5 Re22 140 Hornady SP 6.5x55 - 43 IMR4350 140 Sierra BTSP 35 Whelen - 55.5 Varget 250gr Hornady SP

m*nitou210 said: 308win 41gr 4064 168gr Sierra MK Gold match primer .250 at 100y 30.06 60.5gr RL 19 165gr nosler BT OR partitions .223 rem 25gr RL15 69gr Sierra's lapua brass cci benchrest primers best .879" 300y 7mmwsm 67gr H4831sc 140gr Nosler BT very accurate 7mmwsm lots of magpro 140gr Nosler BT very fast 3300fps 5/8" at 100y

c*rtmg said: 22-250 55gr Blitzkings 34.5gr Varget 300WM 180 Speer Spitzers 75.5gr RL25 Both good for well under 1 inch groups, but both far from max loads. I could go faster, but these were the best accuracy by a fair margin.

n*tsorichguy said: .243 95gr nosler ballistic tips, 45.5 g IMR 4828 I have 3 other rifles I reload for but thats the only one I am done tinkering with:) This is what hogdon has to say about my combo... (just the highlights) Bullet Weight (Gr.) Manufacturer Powder Bullet Vel. (ft/s) 95 GR. NOS IMR 7828 .243" 3030 I got this info from a web site, someone put a link on another thread, I bookmarked the site> I figgure I can share!!

NW R*dneck said: So far I have only settled on loads for two calibres, .243 win and .270 win. For the .243 I have two loads: 70gr Nosler BT over 42gr of IMR 4064, CCI LR primers. 100gr Partitions over 36gr of IMR 4064, CCI LR primers. Both of these loads will do an inch or less @100yds. For the .270 I use 54gr of IMR 4350 with either a 130gr Sierra game king, or 130gr Nosler Partition. The Sierras hit about 1/2" higher than the Noslers @100yds and both are 1" loads. I have some older 160gr Partitions that were given to me I'm curious to try out. I've loaded a test batch with 47gr to 51gr of IMR 4350 as a 'ladder test' workup, but have yet to try them. If they will do 1-1/2" or so they should be a good moose/bear load.

*agleye said: 22 K-Hornet 40 grain Sierra / L'il Gun 222 Rem 50 V-max / Reloder 12 220 Swift 50 Ballistic Tip / IMR4064 220 Swift 55 Ballistc Tip / H380 or IMR4007 6mm Remington 100 Partition / Norma MRP 6.5x55 125 Partition / AMS 47SB 6.5x55 Ackley 140 Partition / VV N560 270 Winchester 130 TTSX / VV N165 7-08 Ackley 140 TTSX / 47N 7mm Mag 150 or 160 Partition / IMR4831 300 Savage 150 Partition / RL15 30-06 165 Partition / VV N160 30 Gibbs 180 Partition / Norma MRP 300 WSM 180 Partition / Norma MRP 308 Norma Mag 200 Partition / Norma MRP or H1000 303 British 150 Hornady / VV N540 8x57 Mauser 200 Accubond / VV N150 338 Win Mag 225 partition / Norma MRP 375 H&H 270 Hornady / W760 I have several other combos that work well in these, but these are basically go-to loads at present. Did not post actual loads, since many are near maximum working pressures. Regards, Eagleye

st*vebc said: I can't honestly say this is my best load, because it's just my first load (so far): .308 Win: 44.5grs IMR4895, Sierra Palma Match 155 HPBT, in Imperial cases with CCI BR-2 primers. Tested this load yesterday, and put 4 out of 5 in a less than 2 in group at 300 yds. Hard to be more specific with the group size, as I was shooting a gong, not paper.

F*ssteel said: I'm new to re loading But I have 2 great loads for 204 Ruger 26gr Barnes with 26 gr of Varget 40gr Ballistic tip with 27gr of Varget. 1 nice 223 load 40gr Vmax 12gr of Bluedot FS

km*ch said: #1 Long Range, .308, 43.8 Varget ,175 SMK ,Lake City Match, Nosler brass #1 Hunting, .308 47 Re15, 150 SST, Win case #1 AR General Purpose, .223, 25 H4895, 60VMAX, Win case #1 Varmint ,bolt gun, .223 , 27 Win748, 55RemHP, Win case These work for me in my rifles, with rifle particular C.O.L.'s

br*nden270 said: 222 benchmark 52 sierra 223 benchmark 40 BT 22-250 imr4064 52 sierra 243 varget 55 bt 6mm imr4064 75 sierra 270 rl19 130 ttsx 7mm h4350 162 sst 308 benchmark 168 speer 30-06 imr4350 180 bal tip .300win h4350 165 accubond

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