powder for 6.5 x 55...

r*ger22 said: What is your go to powder for 6.5 x 55? What is your go to powder for 30 06? I want to start loading for these calibers. What powders to buy 1st???

m*hasic said: try hodgdon data center

L*vi Garrett said: What is your go to powder for 6.5 x 55? What is your go to powder for 30 06? I want to start loading for these calibers. What powders to buy 1st??? Have not gone to it yet or know what its gonna be:confused::D but plan to shoot f class with mine, 28 in tube... thanks for posting, will be checking this thread:D 06 is easy 4350 for filling the case, and 4064 for 3/4 loads , now this is not an accurate load, weigh the stuff:evil:;)

6.5x55mm said: For the 6.5x55mm my go to powders are H4831sc and RE-22.

wh*tey07 said: imr 4350 worked very well for me

Sw*end said: I had success with H414.

B*ckeroooo said: W760 works great for me in my 06

mb*go3 said: I use RE22 45.5gr-140gr bullet Fed brass.........IMR 4350 -42gr-160 Hornady same brass will go through two moose and a fire hydrant literally!And you can eat right up to the bullet hole! 42gr of N-204 and the 156gr bullet ditto......................nothing in NA I wouldn't face with one.......Harold

m*nitou210 said: Fellow at range last year fired his 7,8,9 th shot out of a brand new tika at 300y bullets all most touching 4064 & 142gr sierra MK I was very impressed, at 100

604sh*oter said: 4350 works well (for me anyways) for both, but prefer RE22 for the 6.5x55.

r*b said: I have used IMR-4350 in both with good results.

m*ke shickele said: I don't own a 6.5X55, but my powder of choice in the 30-06 is H4350; in fact, I use the same load in both of my 30-06's with great results (minus the brass of course). The load is 57.5gr behind a Hornady 180gr spire point interlock bullet, with a comparator reading of 3.685 (2.685 to the ogeve). I used to use ww760, but it was dirty as hell, and I actually wasn't getting great velocity. Mike

*agleye said: 6.5x55, Norma MRP for >130 grain pills, W760 for <130 grains. 30-06, 165 grains - Vihtavuori N160; 180 grains - Norma MRP Regards, Eagleye.

G*nderite said: I used to load for a 6.5x55 target rifle. be careful working up loads. With a long bearing surface, pressure can go off the clock real quick. I found I needed a fairly slow powder to get the case near full. I was using a 30" barrel, too. The best powders i found were: 4831 SC H1000 4350 RL22

F*ssteel said: In my Steyr 6.5x55 I have been trying the new Hybrid 100V powder. I have only shot it with 120gr ballistic tips. Seems promising. It is rated between 4831 and 4350 and is supposed to deliver more fps. FS

P*thfinder said: I guess it depends on bullet weights... 6.5x55 85 gr. imr-4064 140 gr. RL-22 30.06 150 gr. IMR-4064 180-220 gr. IMR-4350 If You have to use one powder I guess a 4350 would work. Check the manual for the bullets you want to use.

cr*ut said: 6.5x55swe nobody is using Varget? i'll be trying it in my 30" pipe when she arrives. it will give about 200fps more with the same powder charge as compared to H4350. if it doesn't work i'll be trying h4381sc in my old swede i've used H4350 and R-19 with very good results. with federal 210 primers 30-06? i don't reload for the 06 but powders should be similar.

G*nderite said: Varget is kinda fast unless you are shooting light bullets.

b72471 said: Well the swede's had it right 100 or more years ago. 140gr in a fast twist barrel approx 1 in 7.8. Anyway I collect them and have found that H4831 regular or SC works great in all of them, The bolt actions. For the AG42B I use a faster powder. Enjoy Bill

s*nray said: IMR4064 for .30-06. Don't load the 6.5, but IMR4064 should do nicely for it too.

T*lquin said: You shooting the bolt action rifle or the Ljungman? Some of the guys on here reccomend a faster burning powder for the ljungman.

4570 said: IMR 4350 - 140/160 grain bullets for my old swede. For fun you can load it up as a varmit rifle 85 gn. Sierra over 3031. great accuracy.

r*ger22 said: Hey 45 70 what powders are you using for your collection of 45 70 rifles. Trail boss has worked well for me and fun target loads.

ch*ppy said: i like h1000 works well in my rem.

Sw*end said: IMR 4350 - 140/160 grain bullets for my old swede. For fun you can load it up as a varmit rifle 85 gn. Sierra over 3031. great accuracy. I've been wondering about lighter bullets in the Swede, do they stabilize well? I've got a few hundred 100gr and a few 129gr Hornady's which could make good 'yote or groundhog rounds.

*utdoors said: I really like Reloader 22 in the Swede with 125, 129 and 140 grain bullets. H4831 can give almost the same performance in a hunting load and is very consistent if used in very cold temps. With the Swede, brass quality plays a significant part if seeking higher pressure loads. I would suggest Lapua however Norma and Winchester are ok. IMR 4350 is a great .30-06 powder and I use it for either 165 or 180 grain loads. Reloader 22 is sometimes used with 190 grain boattails. H4831 can also do with the heavier bullets. I have always used standard primers with these combinations. It should be noted that very good hunting loads are my quest so Nosler partitions and Hornady interlocks have usually been fired.

G*nderite said: 6.5 x 55 4831Sc, RL22 H1000, 4350 For 3006, with heavier bullets, 4831sc would also work well. 4350 would work in both, but if you do a lot of shooting, it is hard on barrels.

H*-Standard said: Although not the best velocity wise, my Husky '38 loves IMR-3031. H414 is pretty good too.

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