Safe 38-55 reload data

TBDr*gonman said: I have a Win Model 94 in 38-55, and was looking for some safe, reliable reloading data. Any help would be great!

W*nnipeg Toymaker said: It depends on the year of gun. Many older guns are only for black powder and are stamped as such on the barrel. for the more modern ones, I have reloaded with IMR 3031 with great results, My guns are early pre 1910 SRC and rifles. Again depending on what you are or targets....the bullet weight does come into the mix. I used the lighter weights for target and heavier for game (deer), The 3 weights I have found the kindest for my gun are: 300 gr, cast..25 gr 3031 255 gr..cast..26.5 gr 3031 245 gr cast...27 gr 3031. many powders can be used but it seems that the slower powders work the best.IMO

j*st having some fun said: i looked up info in a very old Lyman book i have # 44 edition WARNING AT TOP OF PAGE quote "Most of the rifles of this caliber which we have encountered show signs of excessive head space-- it is recomended that rifle be checked are you going to shoot cast or Jacketed ? 38/55 Winchester Data cast highest velocity for 249 g Bullet # 375248 # 2 alloy powder IMR 4227 start 19.0g - 1335 fps --- max 21.0 1543 fps mid load powder 2400 start 16.0g - 1292 fps --- max 18.0 1420 fps plinker load powder unique start 7.0g - 1048 fps --- max 9.0 1228 fps NOTE there could be difference in the older powder data / brass, to the componets that you can buy on the shelf today cast bullet diameter 0.337 to 0.380 max case length --2.1285 trim length -------2.118 max overall length w/ bullet 2.550 one of those guns that should shoot cast well:D you could search for cowboy load data and i know Hodgdon has Black powder data 250g cast to 1261 fps i have 255 grain jacketed info pm me if you need it note at bottom of page factory duplication load 255 grain jacketed powder 2400 17.0 grains 1221 fps

*agleye said: I have a modern Winchester M94 in 38-55 [Legendary Frontiersman] and have been working up loads for it for some time now. Best performing loads are as follows: 255 grain Hard Cast [.378" dia] 33 grain of IMR 3031 [3½" at 100 yards] 255 grain Barnes Original SPFN [.377 dia] 32 grains of H322 [ This load shoots about 2-2½" at 100 yards!] [1725 fps] 220 grain Hornady [.375 diameter 375 Winchester bullet] 29 grains of Norma 200 or 32 grains of Reloder 7. [ Both are about 3" at 100 yards] If your 38-55 is an older model, I would back down 2 grains for any of these bullets for a safety factor. Keep in mind that none of these loads show the slightest signs of pressure in my M94 Winchester. The reality is, the factory loading with a 255 grain bullet at around 1300 fps is quite lethargic, and they are so loaded in deference to the older Ballards, Stevens 44's, Marlin 1881's and Colt Lightnings. Even with an older 94, you should be very safely able to realize 1650 with the 255 grain jacketed bullets. Regards, Eagleye.

b*n hunchak said: I'd suggest that you slug your bore and go with a cast bullet that matches your bore, for light loads Trail Boss works okay, loads using 4227 were more accurate but still light for my old gun.

TBDr*gonman said: I think the rifle was made in 1996. It has a brass Receiver and a gold inlayed signature of Oliver F. Winchester.

TBDr*gonman said: Make that 1980. It is a Oliver F. Winchester Commemoritive .38-55. Serial number ofw17204

*agleye said: So you actually have a modern brass plated steel receiver. This rifle will take the loads I listed earlier. Eagleye.

g*nn69 said: My model 94 38-55 was made in 1922. I'm using a 250 gr hard cast lead bullet sized to .379". 20 grains of IMR4227 and a remington large rifle primer. My loads were worked up to 20 grains and had no reason to go any higher. This load works very well in my model 94.

G*rand said: I have 3 Winchester M94's manufactured between 1902 & 1925 in .38-55 that I reload for. In trying to replicate the original rounds muzzle velocity I came up with 2 loads; 1) 10.0 grains of Unique w/ a 255 grain LRNFP 2) 24.8 grains of IMR 4895 w/ a 255 grain LRNFP both with an overall length of 2.505"

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