Reloading seconds

h*rmie said: What is with them, when attempting to purchase I get a security warning. Also, what is up with Nosler .338 250 gr. Partitions? $70.49 per box!!

s*nray said: Reloading components are on the U.S. government's 'Restricted for Export' list. Nosler Partitions are just expensive. So are regular Nosler bullets. Shooter's Choice is listing Hornady 250 gr SP at $49.95 per 100.

h*rmie said: "Boo-I was at Russell's on Friday-$70.49/ box

b*n hunchak said: In alot of cases cast bullets can be used for alot more then "practise bullets", esp. in the big bores where cast bullets out perform jacketed bullets, for hunting large and dangerous game.

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