Reloading 50-140 sharp

D*vid L said: I'm looking for bullets, powder,brass: what do you suggest? I already found Betram and Jamison brass do you have an opinion between the two? Cast bullets? Jacket possible? where? Load?

br*bones said: For cast, I would go to the bullet barn. as to the brass, haven't used either of them, so no opinion there.

w*de said: i loaded 50-140 years ago ,, i used 100 gr. goex 2ffg, cream of wheat filler,and a home cast bullet,aproximately 450 gr ,the recoil was excessive,, and i returned it the shiloh sharps and rebarreled it to 45/70 no more trouble ,, have fun ,,wade

tr*vj said: All I've read about them tell me to suggest not loading more than 5 or 10 rounds. That'll be about as much 'fun' as you are going to want for a weekend. Hold on tight! It'll be worse if you don't. :) Cheers Trev

K*van said: Recoil might not be too bad if your rifle is fairly heavy, my 45-120 Shiloh weighs over 13 lbs. and is comfortable to shoot with a 600 gr. cast bullet and 110 gr. FG...

k*diak1 said: David L. Try the Jamieson Brass. Try to get bullets 600 Grains or heavier. They will have to pretty much be cast as there won't be a lot of places with 50 cal bullets that are heavy enough. Fg powder for that volume would be your best choice. This thang is going to let you know you are hanging onto something when you flick the switch on it. Good Luck Ken.

D*vid L said: Thanks

b*n hunchak said: Sometimes folks mean well but their recommendations show that they should not be making recommendations......the 50-140 is a huge case that works best with black powder either filling the case or combined with wads and a reduced load of BP, say 90 grs. to equal the 50/90 Sharps which has tolerable recoil. The bullet should not be an extra hard bullet from Bullet Barn!!!!!! It should be pure lead or 30-1 and very soft, with a diameter of .512" though some go to .515". It should also have generous amounts of BP lube. Over the years alot of folks have tried using smokeless AA5744 for loads and now Trail Boss, but results are mixed due to alot of shots not sounding/shootin/igniting consistently, and a lack of accuracy. Most .50 cal. BPCRs can be made to shoot very well with a little experimenting and alot of black powder.

g*nlaker said: Do you know the twist rate? The .50's have been made with a number of twist rates. Mine is 1:26, some go as slow as 1:36, and as fast as 1:22. That number will greatly affect the bullet weight you can use. i've used FFg and Fg in mine, a full case of powder, and a 0.060 wad over it. I've seem smokeless loads for it but I won't go there. :D All of the loads I remember seeing used very slow powders. I believe Hodgdon has load data if smokeless is your thing. With respect to brass, I use a brand that I haven't seen elsewhere RWS I believe. It appears to be lathe turned. I have some Bertram that I have not tried. In general I'm not a fan of Bertram brass as I've had cases split on first firing in my .45-110. Mind you I think that their newer brass is softer than their older stuff. I have some Jamison for the .45-110 and will try it tomorrow :D Chris.

g*nlaker said: With respect to bullets, Buffalo Arms has a few moulds that ought to work for you. I bought one of them for a .512" bullet that weighs in at just under 700gr. The mould casts beautifully, but the bullet is a bit long for stability in my 1:26" barrel. My rifle seems to like a bullet cast by an NEI mould, it comes in somewhere around 650gr. Chris.

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