Reloader 19 or Imr 4350 for 300 Win Mag

L*rne said: I am loading 180 grain interbonds in my 300 Win Mag.Any suggestions on which powder would be the best to try

t*dbartell said: of the two, RL19 would be my choice, but I was given some IMR 4350 to load for a guy with some 180 Accubonds, and 70 grains made 2940 fps and good accuracy personally Id try H4831 or H1000 first if it was *my* rifle :)

pr*sper said: ^ +1 Yep. You CAN use a faster powder, but something like 4831's really more suitable

sl*ng said: Try Reloder 22. its a classic 300 load with 180 gr. bullets.

bl*ndside said: Always had luck wiyh H4350

Sc*tt_N said: I'd try RL 22 first, then RL 19.

D*gleg said: Take a look at Reloader 22 for 180s. Instant happiness in my current .300 Win Mag.

*CKLEY ABE said: I have always used IMR 4350 in all of my 300 Wins and have had very good results. However it doesn't mean I shouldn't have tried Reloader 22. Just means its hard to train an old dog new tricks.

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