Reduced Loads For .300 RUM and 7mm WSM?

*rchie_james_c said: Hey there I have two friends of mine who would like me to run a reduced load for their rifles. One is shooting a EDIT: Abolt Comp Stalker 7mm WSM and wants to use 139 grain Hornady Interlocks, so I was thinking of running 55 grains of 4007 SSC or maybe trying some H4895 since I have it on hand. What do you 7 WSM guys think? Also the other guy is shooting a Model 700 LSS .300 RUM and wants something a little I was thinking of some sort of reduced 150 or 165 grain combo. Whats the experts opinions?

*rchie_james_c said: Come on guys, pipe up.

b*n hunchak said: My Sendero 7mm Saum did quite well with cast bullets and light charges of 4759 and AA5744, 25 grs. of 4759 with a 160 gr. GC bullet. As a general rule, the bigger the case, the poorer a reduced load will work, and by reduced load I'm talking about 2000fps or less for next to no recoil, inexpensive and increased barrel life.

Myst*c Precision said: I have not checked for your chamberings but Hodgdon did have a lot of reduced load data on their website. Jerry

1/2 M*A said: I found that H4831 sc was the most accurate in my 7MM WSM. I am running a heaver bullet a 180 gr berger VLD with 63.3 gr of powder so my load is not much help, but H4831 sc works great.

M*leyMadness said: There is a great reduced load for the's called the 30/06, or if you like a little more pepper, the 300wm. I would be very cautious about loading smaller bullets in a RUM as the velocity levels, even with minimum loads, can do a lot of damage. This is a rifle that pushes factory Rem 180gr Sirocco (or however you spell it) 3250fps (I chrony'd half a box and they all came in right at that level), so even with min loads you are looking at a lot of velocity, and potentially damage. That being said, I'm sure it would be one hell of a flat shooter. Barnes has listings for 150 and 165gr bulles, including MagpPro (min 92, max 100), RL 22 (min 87.5-95.5), and for 165gr RL 25 86.5min-94.5, as well as RL22 83.5 and 91.5...just be aware, that even with the minimum load on say those 165 with RL 25, it's pushing that bullet over 3100fps, so it's still gonna kick. You might want to talk to him about the Remington Power Level ammunition (check their site) for the .300RUM which loads the rifle down to ballistics matching the .300wm (at level II) and the /06 for level III.

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