Problem Reloading 7.62x38 Nagant Revolver rounds

m*rdig88 said: Hi, today i tried to reload the 7.62x38 i got the Lee steal 3 die set for 7.62x38 i'm using the Fiocci 7.62x38 brass from Tradeex the resizing is okay But once i try to flare the case mouth, the brass buckles from the middle. i tried flaring the case mouth very little, this time the brass is buckling when i try to seat the bullet. i tried about 20 of them and they all buckled at one point. has anyone else had this problem? would anyone know a solution for it? thanks in advance

ch*se said: Brass buckles when your die is set too low

T*mC said: You have to seat the bullet completely in the case dont you? That cant be an easy round to reload!

*ndy said: I have the same dies, and same brass as you, but have not yet loaded any, so I can't provide first-hand advice. What I have read though is that: the Lee dies are designed for the majority of folks who use 32-20 brass which is shorter than the "correct" 7.62x38R; and the seating die cannot seat a bullet flush with the case mouth as desired with the 7.62x38R brass. Some people report good results using 30 Carbine dies, but the Lee 7.62x38R dies will work if understood and adjusted accordingly. This is worth reading: ( I suspect that as already pointed out, you are setting the Sizing Die too low and the case mouth is hitting a dead end and being pushed down. Then when you set the Sizing Die high enough to avoid that, the same thing occurs with the Seating Die. Neither situation will occur if you use 32-20 brass, but both can be avoided (so I hear) with some careful adjustments. The idea proposed in the link I provided seems a simple and good one as you will want the bullet flush. Were you able to partially seat a bullet without crumpling the case? If so, you should be able to determine at what point the crumpling begins and avoid it in future. The seating plug mod should do the rest. I plan to use the Lee #90311 90 gr cast bullet seated backwards for the FWC effect. I'll likely start with 4.0 grs of Unique. More recommended reading: (

m*rdig88 said: thanks for the help. ill give it a try. if i keep wasting brass i will probably move on to using 32 S&W long. apparently it work fine in the Nagant revolvers except that it doesn't do the gas seal

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