Powder comparison chart? Does such a thing exist?

s*rfer365 said: I reload using only two powders.... HS6 and Trailboss. I am trying to reload 455 Webley and can't find any load data for either powder. Is there a chart that can compare my powders to the powders that have load data. The preferred powder is blue dot or unique. **I know it is a stupid question but I don't want to go buy another powder. I personnal like using trailboss and I have 12lbs of the shit****

G*nderite said: Here is one: http://home.hiwaay.net/~stargate/powder/powder.htm and another: http://www.reloadbench.com/burn.html and: http://www.reloadammo.com/burnrate.htm But none seem to show Trail Boss as a powder. It appears to me that 231 load data would work.

tgt40 said: As always you need to exercise caution but some powders can be substituted for each other based on burn rate. Do your research starting at: http://www.imrpowder.com/burn-rate.html

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