Pacific Durachrome Dies

7.62mm said: I picked up a set of these dies at one of my local gunshops. Unfortunately they did not come with instructions, but they look to be in decent shape. I seached the web for instructions but came up with bupkiss. Any one have a set they could scan for me? I am reloading for the .44 magnum, in a Ruger carbine, so I will have to crimp them I suspect. there seems to be an extra die in here, and a piece that screws into the seating die, not sure what that is for. The dies say: Expander Decapper H This is obviously for taking the primer out, but I am not sure how far down to screw the die and decapper. 44 Spl 44 M CARBIDE Not sure what this is for; is it a crimp die? 44 Spl 44 MAG NO.3 H Bullet seater, but not sure which one to use of the seaters, one has 79 stamped on the top of the bolt, the other has 78. I am fairly new to reloading, am loading for my swede, but the Lee Dies that I have for it came with detailed instructions. Here's a pic of the dies: Any help the CGN Gurus could give me would be much appreciated. Thanks 7.62mm

92FS *nox said: Hornady bought PD a few year back - you might want to check with them for instructions.

d*n belisle said: Expander decapper removes the primer and will bell the mouth of the brass for bullet installation ( the "expander" part of the equation). The carbide is the brass resizing die, and the seater should also be your crimp die, again depending on how the die is set. To start with, screw them (the dies) into the press until they meet the raised shell holder. After that you have to adjust them by trial and error to get them right. The seater/crimper is usually the tough one to get correct, and you don't just adjust the die in the press, you also adjust the seating depth with the bullet plug in the end of the die (the black piece that screws into the top of the die). also, watch how much you bell(expand) the mouth of the brass, a little goes a long way, and if you don't get it right, it probably won't chamber. best to run off a few dummy rounds first to make sure of all yoru adjustments, and trial fit them in the gun for operation, then move on to your actual loading. - dan

7.62mm said: Thanks for the help. 7.62mm

RR said: It depends on bullet type whether you use #78 or #79 . Check for best fit on the bullet. Rich

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