Loading for the 338 Edge

f*tboyz said: I searched the earlier posts and couldn't find much. I'm looking at building an Edge. I see redding has a 338/300 Ultra mag die, anyone using them? Who is using 338 RUM dies. After necking up what are you using to neck size only? any info on youe experiences with brass forming and reloading the Edge would be appreciated. Thanks

L*ngBomber said: An edge is an easy neckup of 300rum brass. The Redding dies I have (338 edge AI) came with a tapered expander button. I resize mine with a 8mm sizer button, then to the full .338. It takes a bit longer to do two steps, but the force required to expand is much lower, and the brass comes out with less run out. I have the neck size bushing die / body die / competition seater set from Redding. Works very well, although they are pricey. There is a bit of load data on defensiveedge.net for the edge, but thats about it for online data I have found. I run 90 - 95gr of H1000 behind a 300gr bullet in Nosler brass with a cci magnum primer.

p*ping said: try this site http://www.reloadersnest.com/frontpage.asp?CaliberID=548 hope it helps Piping

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