Load data for 30/06 Ackley Improved...

R*ck said: Anyone have a reference for load data for this cartridge? Will be loading 150 and 165 grain Barnes XBT's. I know I can just start with 30/06 data and work up, but I'd prefer to shorten that process up as much as possible - and know where the upper limits are (I'm told there's a reloading manual out there with data for this cartridge, but I don't have it - new Nosler, Swift, or something like that?). I have the following online references, but would appreciate any paper data out there from a manual. I do have the following online reference http://www.reloadbench.com/cartridges/w3006imp.html And yes, I know that different makes of bullets of the same weight develop different pressures, not to mention different rifles also affect pressures. Thanks.

pr*sper said: I've seen it listed in a few load manuals, and it seems pretty consistent at 3-5% above similar loads in an '06

hs4570 said: 30-06 Ackley improved from p.o. ackley's reloading book: data for 150 grain bullet 52.0 grains 4895 = 2960 fps to 54.0 gr.4895 = 3035fps 50.o grains 4064 = 2960 fps to 55.0 gr 4064 = 3150 fps No data for 165 gr. .....just 180 gr and 220 gr. Ackley wrote his load manuals in 1962.........he never provided any component data ,nor firearm used, or barrel length .. BE ADVISED Ackley data is considered MAX in his guns and may be over max in yours !!!! hs 4570.............your mileage may vary

t*dbartell said: Id just start at 30-06 max loads and go up slowly from there, stopping when my chrony read 3050-3100 fps with a 150 gr or 2950-3000 fps with a 165

r*b said: Hi Rick If you are looking for a great manual,Nosler 5 th edition is a great way to start,It has 280,30-06 and a few others in ackley. I have used this data with great results. This data is for 40 degree shoulder, 150-155 gr reloader 19 max - 63.0 grs starting load reloader 19 - 59.0 grs 165 gr The most accurate powder tested was - H4831 The max is 62.5 grs Low is 58.5 grs I would advise you to buy the manual,as it is well worth it. Hope this helps. Thank's Reb

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