b*bv said: I was given about 100 lbs of Lino by a printer friend, they don't use anymore:) and I just finished melting down into lingots about 65lbs...will do the rest an other day.I plan on casting some .458 cal /405 & 500gr bullets for my 45-70 but I can't find my notes on how much Lino to add to WW to get 1:16 or 1:20 mix:confused: anyone here have a favorite mix??? I'll most likely cast some .308 cal for my 308 also but will cast straight Lino with GC's no problem there Any suggestions Bob

b*n hunchak said: Bob: Casting with pure linotype will give you bullets that are very hard,brittle, and approx. 25% lighter in weight, accuracy could be very good though if sized to the right size for the bore. A mix of 50/50 Lino/wheelweights or 50/50lino/purelead will give you hard bullets and more weight. Cast bullet benchrest shooters favour those 2 mixes for use at up to 2700fps. Your mixes will result in harder bullets then WW esp. if you heat treat them. I have never found it necessary to use Lino in bullets for the 45/70, I prefer to add tin to aid in expansion as Lino makes them brittle.

*ndy said: You can't get a 1:16, 1:20 or 1 to anything from Linotype, as it contains Antimony and the mixes you refer to are Tin:Lead.

J*hn Y Cannuck said: Anyone have a copy of Lymans Cast bullet handbook handy. I think it has the mix he wants.

44B*re said: The only bullets that I ever found necessary to cast from straight lino were .22 cal ones. For 45-70 a musch softer mix would give better results. For most standard rifle bullets--7mm, 30, 303, 35 cal and high velocity 357 and 44 mag we used about 7# wheel weights to 3# lino, cast the bullets fairly hot and dumped into cold water. usually no leading issues but bullets are a little hard for hunting use. 44Bore

762sh*oter said: For pistol bullets or lower velocity rifle bullets 1 part linotype to 3 parts wheel weights works fine.

b*bv said: I forgot to mention that ,these bullets I want to cast ,are not for hunting just target shooting, so the expansion is not important, other than the base expansion to seal the bore(45-70). Also I got my mixes "mixed up" :redface:that I was looking for concerning the lino to WW ratio , was the Lyman #2 which I believe is around 15 BHN . Thanks for the info Bob

S*sshomaru said: too late, you should have sold them as collectible items on ebay and buy yourself much more premium bullets or even a rifle! :D

*ndy said: 2 lbs Linotype + 5 lbs Wheelweight ~ 7 lbs of Lyman #2

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