Lead melting furnaces - Lyman vs. RCBS

bl*cksmithden said: What are the pros and cons of either an RCBS Pro Melt or the Lyman Mag 20 lead melting/bottom pour furnaces ??? Anybody have any bad experiences with either one ??? Love "this" about it, but hate "that" type thing....whatever ???? The Lyman lists for 379.95 at WSS and the RCBS lists for $499.95 !!!! OUCH !!!! After that Lee POS I bought that lasted 2 casting sessions before leaking all over the place, and then the heating element died after the 3rd session, I swore I'd never buy another bottom pour furnace.....but here I am :rolleyes: Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

b*ckbrush said: Get the RCBS, it is the best 20 lb press there is and it has a forever warranty. When the Can $ was worth more, it was much cheaper to buy one from Lock Stock Barrel in the US and ship it up here, not sure about now.

730w*n94 said: still have the pOS lee? I might buy it pm me

b*lldick said: I've got the lyman and have never had trouble with it

bl*cksmithden said: I took the Lee apart and used it on top of a camp stove for a while. When I picked up my Lyman mini pot and a hand ladle, the Lee....or what was left of it...hit the garbage can.

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