H450 questions

j*mmyjazz said: A friend who does not reload any longer gave me 2 pounds of H450, I can't find any loading data on Hodgdon website. Any body here know what calibers I can use this for? Cheers

d*n belisle said: Roughly whatever you use IMR 4831 for. I have recipes with this powder at home (as I still have some), what cartridges are you loading for? - dan

*agleye said: Hodgdon used to advertise that H450 was the "ball powder" equivalent to their surplus H4831, and my personal experience (about 25 lbs worth) verifies this comparison. I used to burn a lot of it in the 308 Norma mag with 180 grain bullets, and it worked very well indeed. Unfortunately, this powder has been discontinued, so new stocks are not available. Regards, Eagleye.

j*mmyjazz said: I am shooting 7 X57, 8 X57, 30-06, 9.3 X 62 mainly, this is what I reload for. Maybe I will send Hodgdon an email asking for loading data on this. Thanks

762sh*oter said: Load data for it is on older Hodgdon basis reloading manuals. I have a 1997 manual with H450 data. Give me specific cartridge/bullets combos and I'll give you data.

R*Pete said: I have a 1998 Hodgdon manual, and it's listed as a medium/magnum burning powder Let me know (PM) what cals you want to load and I'll scan the pages. I'll be away from now until next week.

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