Depriming military brass

J*romeo said: I am just wondering if you guys use regular FL or Neck dies to deprime military brass or do you need a special tool with a harder depriming pin to remove the crimped primers?

tjh*ile said: There's normally no problem getting the primer out; getting a new primer in is the tough part. I chuck the cases in a drill and use a Lee case chamfer tool to remove the crimp.

D*c M said: +1 for TJ. Getting it out isn't the issue for me, it's getting a new one in. You can either use a chamfer tool or buy a purpose-built crimp removal tool (i.e. a Dillon Super Swage or similar). I like the chamfer tool myself. -M

s*hara said: I use a Lee or Lyman universal decapper, then swage the pocket with the RCBS swage tool. Done thousands of 30/06, .308 and 223 this way.

d*dley2112 said: i just use my normal lee dies for crimped 223/5.56 and before i bought my RCBS primer pocket swager i used a RCBS case neck reamer/chamfer tool to cut away the crimp... it worked but killed the wrists not bad if your only working with small amounts though

J*romeo said: Awesome, thanks guys. I appreciate all the info and tips.

p*rple said: Just use the Lee punch de-primer (simple with a hammer smack and a life-time guarentee). After that consider the RCBS primer pocket swager to remove the crimp,or if into a high volume,the Dillon swaging tool.

sch*ck said: The inexpensive, depth adjustable Lyman crimp removing tool works pretty good too.

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