Carbine in 7.5x55 Swiss. GP 11 ammunition

84mmc*rl-gustav said: Hi,i have a question about this cartridge,is it easy to found the brass case for reload in canada,am interested to buy a k11,or k31,and want make sure it's easy to find the case,thank you:D

B*livar said: Try Tradex, they might have some. Not too hard to find at any rate.

84mmc*rl-gustav said: thanks,i checked but they are out of stock,for that product

S*amusMac said: I have a K31, 70-odd casings and the 7.5x55 die set that I'm likely to be putting up on EE as a package within the next month. PM me if you'd like me to give you a shout before it goes up for sale. Also, check with Mystic Precision (banner at the top) about 7.5x55 brass.

S*amusMac said: Was just looking through my old PM's and found this, although I'm not sure if the current pricing matches Jerry's quote in this PM. Hi there, I saw your post regarding uncommon brass and I'd like to know if there is a minimum quantity per order (50 pieces would be preferred) and what the price might be for 7.5x55 Swiss. The only brass I can find is Prvi at $62.50 + tax per 100. Thanks! - James C. Yep, 100 prvi is the least amount you can get. My price is $60 plus shipping and taxes. Jerry

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