Best Powder for 9mm

JB said: so whats the best powder to use for reloading 9mm whats the cleanest and cheapest that you have found

H*tzy said: HS6 is my go to powder for 9mm. I've tried alot of different ones and none have performed as well.

t*nexx said: Depends on bullet weight and pistol. My CZ75 SP01 loves 5.1 grains of HS6 under 124gn lead truncated cone out of a Lyman mold. It's a lighter target load but very consistent and accurate. W231 is another decent choice. One of the shooters at the club won't use anything except tightgroup in his SIG's. There are a few loads for bullseye which would be cheapest for me as I have a 8lb jug lying around but I find it too fast for reduced power loads. A good resource is which shows the relative burning rate of the different powders, on the same site is an article about reloading the 9mm which shows which powder speeds are better for 9mm.

bl*ndman said: Another vote here for HS6..I found the same load will work for 115gr, and 124gr. I load 6.4 grains for both, the 115gr, is on the light side for powder, but still works my action with no trouble at all. I know of other shooters who use Reddot, and PowerPistol.

d*Bear said: There are gonna be lots of opinions on this one, and so seeing as the bandwagons is moving slow, I might as well jump on:rolleyes: . I use either W231 or Titegroup. I find the TG is cleaner, especially when using cast bullets. There is no definitive answer so you will have to try a few loads for yourself and see what your gun performs best with. Cheers:) dB

st*rmbringer said: Another for Tightgroup.......

J*mie said: Tightgroup! W231 works too Jamie

h*ochie said: tite group.. $26 a pound, 4.0 gr of powder under a 115gr 9mm.

*crashb said: For general use, Titegroup. You can certainly get more performance - velocity - from HS6, but titegroup is less expensive and a bit cleaner.

*uggie Doggie said: Another vote for HS-6, and 700-x for light loads. Power Pistol and 3n37 are also good. Auggie D.

St*cker said: Hi I am a big fan of IMR SR4756 for 9MM

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