AIM bullets and Bullseye in 9MM?

DRD said: I'm using AIM's copper plated 9MM 124 grain (actual about 122-123gr). I loaded up a few starting at 3.5gr Bullseye up to 4.0 gr at 1.115 OAL. I'm only seeing around 770 FPS with 4.0 grains out of my P89. The velocity isn't what I was expecting but I don't have data for this load. Anyone else use this combination? I shot a bunch of 22LR out of MK2 and they all averaged 1030 FPS so the chrony seems alright. I also tried a few BDX reloads, the were all around 1100 FPS, with a few zingers at 1300+ FPS.

tjh*ile said: Alliant's data on their website specifies a maximum of 4.4 grains for a 124 grain JHP. This should be safe with a plated bullet considering that plated or lead bullets provide less resistance to being pushed down the bore compared with jacketed bullets. I would try that and see how it works. Out of curiosity, are you trying to make power factor for IDPA or IPSC? Although the velocity seems very low based on my data for both cast and jacketed bullets, the velocity might not be to critical for paper punching if the load is accurate and shoots to point of aim.

n*tsorichguy said: I built a load with Bullseye for my M&P9, I wound up at 4.2 Gr with a 124gr CMJ Frontier bullet. I stopped there as I get better results with other powders. I found I could get better consistacy from Unique powder (4.3 gr) or Titegroup (3.6 gr)..... I am currently using unique, as the groupings seem to be the best with it as opposed to the other 6 powders I tried. The above loads are for Accuracy and not power factor, I loaded to what shot best out of my pistol....... YMMV Cheers!

r*cradster said: With bullseye shooting you just need enough bang to cycle the slide. You only need the speed to make power factor, whole different load. That being said, I use the same slugs you do, but I use the slower burning winchester WSF powder. I've been putting together AIM 124gr. copper plated with 4.6gr WSF and OAL of 1.14". So far so good. Less residue in barrel and more "push" than "snap" for recoil. Havn't chronographed it, but cycles reliabily in my M&P9 and makes holes in paper just fine.

s*nray said: A plated bullet isn't a jacketed bullet. They use cast bullet data.

DRD said: All the rounds 3.5-4.0gr cycled well and shot reasonably accurate. I want to make the min. IDPA power factor.

Sn*w Dog said: I've been using AIM 124 gr projectiles on top of 4.6 gr of Alliant Bullseye powder. This gives me a velocity of about 1150 fps from my Glock 17.

Sn*wboy said: following Quickload, 4.0GR of Bullseye with that bullet should give you 1046 FPS out of a 4" barrel when I load them with 6.6GR of HS-6 I have about the same FPS measured than calculated in Quickload: 1161FPS

J*hnC said: I have been using 4.5- 4.6 grains of 231 with the 125 grain AIM bullet out of an M&P 9 . Works well for me. Dinsdale on this board published some chronograhed results with this load on another thread.

d*ka said: Hy there i recently started reloading pistol ammo of which i dont know much. Bought aim projectiles in 9mm 124gr and .40cal in 180gr,powder HDG titegroup and CCI #500 small pistol primers. Any suggestions,what to do/avoid!? Not very familiar with case expanding and bullet seating process,loaded 50 each and they went ok no jams or anything like that. It is just that bullet seating i was not able to touch shell holder with die like i was told to,bullets would get crushed. How to set expander and after how to set bullet seater,does die and shell holder have to touch i load ok but they have like 1/4 " space beetwen. Loading rifles to but had problems with tikka and sako rifles,my bolt wont close,OAL is ok and seating depth,it might be that neck is not properly resized,but again dont the shells get resized when decapping them? I am confused about some of these things and spend lots of pennies on it,tried to go specs but for some reason it just wouldnt work... Any suggestions would help for either problem... Thanks

DRD said: I loaded a few more to test again since the first results didn't add up. I think the wind from my back coupled with the muzzle blast/smoke threw the chrony off. 4.0 Gr/Bullseye averaged 950 FPS 4.2 Gr/Bullseye averaged 1010 FPS 4.5 Gr/Bullseye averaged 1080 FPS

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