9.3x62 loads

Bw*naDave said: Ive got a new CZ550 medium in 9.3x62 on its way and having had no previous experience with this caliber am soliciting opinions and loads you more experienced users have found works in your rifles. Thanks:)

M*user98 said: Come on Guys. Why Not, River Rat, others - let's go!!!!!:) I've got one almost ready to shoot. All it needs is a pad, finishing, bluing, etc, etc.

Bw*naDave said: Cmon! There has to be some 9.3 shooters here that have a pet load or two :rolleyes:

R*ver Rat said: OK OK OK You twisted my arm These are near max loads in my rifle start at least 5% under 4895 270 Speer 57 grains Varget 270 Speer 60 Grains Varget 286 Norma 58 grains The 4895 load will shoot moa but the Varget loads will shoot 1/2 moa. You will love your 9.3 its a very nice cartrige,lots of knock down but not to hard on the shooter.

N*el said: Don't worry Bwana, once Lazy Ike gets some dies we will get some loads to post for the legions of 9.3 fans to play with. Has anyone played with some lighter projectiles? 180ish to 230gr?

Why n*t? said: Okay, BD, I have used the 9.3X62 for almost 30 years, and most of the game it has killed was using the 286 gr Norma Dual-Core ahead of a very stiff charge of IMR4895. I prefer not to post the exact charge weight because my rifle has a very long throat and yours may not. Suffice it to say that I can get easily 2500 fps with that bullet, but load it down to 2400 because that is plenty enough killing power. The rifle is an old pre-war Model 70, and it shoots into less than an inch and a half with the Normas, the 270 gr Speer, and the mild-steel jacketed 285 Kynoch RN bullet made for the 360 No 2 cartridge. That Kynoch bullet, BTW, took down the largest antlered moose I ever got, a 64" monster. The guy I was hunting with had spooked it bad, and it was running flat out across in front of me at about 60 yds. One shot into the lungs and it was all over in about six seconds. All but the work, that is. :D Ted

M*user98 said: Ted What's your opinion on the performance of the 9.3 270 gr Speers on moose/elk?

Why n*t? said: Well, there has been a lot of internet talk about them being "too soft" for really big game, but with one exception every time I ask if they have actually used them on really big game the answer has been that they have used it on deer or pigs and based on that performance figure they will be too soft for really big game. The exception was a fellow who was shooting feral cattle. He said they killed them alright, but he would have liked to have seen a bit more penetration. River Rat decked a huge bull with his 9.3 and the Speer 270 this fall. It penetrated about 16-18 inches of neck muscle, then chopped up three or four vertebrae and came to a stop lodged inside the next one. That's about as tough a test as you could subject a bullet to, and there is no doubt in my mind that they would give complete penetration on most shots. I will let him tell you the story, but so much for this bullet being too soft. :D Ted

Bw*naDave said: Thanks guys, I got the call from Ian at bashaw sports today. Its on the way! two crossbolts , controlled round feed and in a caliber Im expecting to enjoy for some time to come. I even found it a corner amongst family in the gun safe. Dave:)

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