7mm Rem Mag 140gr Cast Bullet Loads

Dr*wBlood said: Only thing not specified in the title is that I need one with blue dot.

209j*nes said: At this point I'd have to recommend you check Castboolits or the Cast Bullet Assoc forums. I've done 7-mm08,7x57,22-250.32-30,32-40. You should also lay ou the criteria for what you'd like to accomplish with this round in your post, ie; reduced loads for chickens, high powered loads for hunting. Bluedot is not a first choice for reduced loads as far as I can remember seeing, and in the Lyman book I have--ain't listed. They show Red dot,700x,green dot, PB on the bottom end, SR4759,IMR4198,748 & h4895 on the top end. In flipping thru that book, not one load with Blue dot up to 300H&H. That's not a good sign, likely not a good cast bullet powder outside of pistols. OK with a shotshell application, which is what I used it for years ago. Red & Green dot are the reduced load powders of choice. I'd have to check it out, but, maybe AA#9 could work in it . Accurate shows some cast bullet loads on their website.

b*n hunchak said: My accuracy loads with cast in a 7mm Mag. all use 4759 powder and if i experiment further, i will try Trail Boss.....why Blue Dot???

Dr*wBlood said: 209jones-Do you have the 47th Edition? I have that one too and it doesn't have much for blue dot except pistol. ben_hunchak-I reload cheap (and quiet) .223 loads with blue dot and I have a lot of it.

Tw*Tone said: Blue Dot is a very good and versatile powder for reduced loads. It often produces good accuracy. See here for instructions: h ttp://forums.accuratereloading.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/4911043/m/933105228?r=128105228#128105228 4759 is another good choice.

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