g*npro said: Just waiting for the stock to arrive for my latest build. 6.5-06 on a T3 action, with a 25" Gaillard 1 in 8.5twist. Looking for some loading suggestions. i have Hornady 129gr on hand and will be looking to try out some Berger 142VLDs as well. I have an abundant supply of Ramshot Hunter, Big Game and Magnum powders as well as the usual IMR and Varget on hand. Thanks.

G*nderite said: Slow powders are required so as to not leave a lot of empty space in the case. I have used RL25, RL22, H1000 and N170. because of the long buller bering surface, other people's loading data is of not much use. Start low and make 3 each in .5 gr increments to find the load limit for each powder, then back track and find the accuracy loads. In mine the accuracy was near max for each powder.

d*wnwindtracker2 said: John Barness in his article recommended N-560 with a 125 Partiom and H-1000 and RL-25 with a 140VLD.H-4350 also worked in all classes. I use RL-25,a failed 264 powder, and 140Hornady SP. Most 6.5-06 users suggestted something in the 125-130 class.

rnbr*-shooter said: Keeping Ganderite's cautions in mind (good advice for all long-bearing-surface 6.5mm bullets), the case capacity is pretty much the same as a 6.5-.284, so it should be pretty comparable. H4350 is a powder commonly used to win matches with the 6.5-.284, with 140-class bullets (though from looking at the load data, it certainly appears to be quicker than what you 'd choose; but, it is what's used to win matches...) I also found that .25-06 loading data for 115-class bullets, was pretty similar to what I needed for 6.5-06 with 140-class bullets. I used H4831SC, RL-22, H-1000 and RL-25 with my 6.5-06 and 140-class bullets. Never was able to get results that were any better than "middling" for a 1000-yard target rifle. (Would have made a heckuva long range hunting rifle though!)

B*ater said: ive had very good luck with H1000 in mine

m*oseman1 said: any recipies for the reloader powder's?

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