55gr in .223 using RL 15

sh*ckwave said: Hey there. Was just wondering if anyone out there has used Reloader 15 in their .223 using 55gr bullets? If so how many grains of powder did you use? Thank you in advance.:cheers:

R*d B said: I would suggest you get some loading manuals. However a lot of loading info can be found here. www.hodgdon.com/basic-manual-inquiry.html

ml*htovaara said: Alliants website only lists Varmint and RL 10 for the 55 gr projectiles. They do use reloader 15 for their 62 gr FMJ with a load of 25 grains max. I have Alliants paperback reloaders guide, and it would appear that they are using RL 10 or Varmint for anything lighter, and Rl 15 for anything 62 grains an up. There must be a reason for this. That said I would not hesitate to use the 25 grains as a starting load, and work your way up, but watch for signs of pressure. I probably wouldn't exceed much more than 26 grains though. This is why I never buy powder before I know the intended use and do some research on the load data. If I was you I would be getting some RL 10 for the 55 grainers and save the RL 15 for some heavier match bullets when the time comes. Right now I am using H335 for all my 55 grain stuff, but I just got some Varget. I am not gonna bother using the Varget on the 55 gr FMJ, and will order some heavier match bullets to play with the Varget. Cheers Mark

P*ulinski said: I use RL-15 for 69 and 77gr projectiles. For 55gr use H335

ml*htovaara said: I use RL-15 for 69 and 77gr projectiles. For 55gr use H335 I am finding my loads are not working quite as well in the winter time though. H335 is temp sensitive, but it works so well in the summer, and I have a few pounds right now so it is hard to imagine switching. I may try some other powders next winter but H335 is accurate and measures real well. I am loading 55gr FMJ with 25 grains and they shoot very well.

sh*ckwave said: I have been using Varget the last couple years in my guns...223 & 308. Just got a 6.5 X 47. so the reasoning behind this is to use one powder for all three. Just want some ideas on the reloader 15 powder. The best way to research this is to ask you guys, thanks for the info. Have a good one guys

K*vin M. said: I use R-15 for all my 55gr .223 loads. I usually keep about 15-18lbs of it handy, as I load both .223 and 30-06 with it, and I have about 10k cartridges between the two that like to be kept loaded and ready for shooting. Taken straight from my reloading manual: Modern Reloading- Second Edition, by Richard Lee. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Projectile - 55 Grain Jacketed Bullet Powder - Reloder15 Start Grains - 25.3 NEVER EXCEED - 28.0 Velocity FPS - 3081 NEVER EXCEED - 3390 Press Units - 53,600 PSI Min. OAL - 2.215" ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This load has the most powder and highest velocity of all the 55gr loads listed in the manual FYI. Hope that helps you out.

s*skgunowner101 said: RL-15 and 55 grainers are a winner in my books.

*ld enfields said: Alliant doesnt have a 55gr load listed for RL 15 Here is there guide for rifle calibers. ht tp://www.alliantpowder.com/reloaders/RecipeList.aspx?gtypeid=2

mb*go3 said: reloadersnest.com free data....................Harold

m*rtinbns said: I've never used R15 but have used Varget which is very close. I found H335 was better than varget, it might have been a bit slow. Generally I hav found r15 better than varget in similar cartridges so give it a whirl.

st*bblejumper said: I found that Benchmark works much better with 55gr bullets in my rifles.

b*ltfed said: .223/5.56 is a really forgiving cartridge so lots of powders work really well with it; as evidenced by guys even running slower powders with lighter bullets. With that said, I'd echo a lot of comments and go with the slighty faster powders with 55gr and similar bullets. As mentioned H335, Benchmark, etc. are in the right burn rate for the lighter bullets. I'd also recommend Ramshot TAC, Accurate 2230, and Hodgdon H322 as excellent alternatives to the above.

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