5.7 x 28

b*ss-hog2 said: :redface: Is the 5.7 Johnson & 5.7 x 28 one & the same, and are they based on the 30 carbine case? I was looking at Redding site & they show case forming dies for the 5.7 Johnson from 30 carbine brass.

SDC said: No, they're two different rounds; the 5.7 Johnson Spitfire is a necked-down 30 M1 Carbine, while the 5.7x28 is a completely new round with a smaller head size. I was able to fire the Five-Seven and the P90 at a demo here, and it was like a 22 Magnum in terms of recoil (but really neat in full-auto). If you're willing to do some wildcatting, you could probably do a .224 BOZ (10mm Auto necked down to .22, loaded with SS109 projectiles) without a whole lot of trouble, other than the dies and a barrel for a Glock 20.

SDC said: Here's a shot of these two rounds next to each other (5.7x28 FN above the 5.7 Johnson Spitfire) http://www.hunt101.com/img/377883.JPG

b*ss-hog2 said: thanks ever so much-- it is very helpfull:D

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