5.56 75-77 Grain service rifle reloads

*bHobbyist said: Hello all!! I need a helpful point in the right direction. I want to start shooting service rifle. have an Afgan Noveske upper that I want to use for service rifle, stainless, 1-7 twist, 14.5" barrel. It may not be ideal, but its what I have. I have some Hornady 75 GR BTHP MATCH on the shelf and some WC 735, Varget, and some Win 748. I have manual etc, but I was wondering if some of you might share your tried and tue loads. Appreciate any help you can offer. Regards and all the AbH

H*adDamage said: Winchester brass, CCI primers, 24.5gr Varget, 77gr SMK. Start low and work up as this is a warm load in my rifle (2800fps).

P*ulinski said: Varget and 69/77 gr SMK - start low and work whats best your barrel likes. That 14.5" Noveske will put to shame lots of 20" barrels if you do your part.

b*ltfed said: I'm as big a Varget slut as the rest here, but I'd go slightly faster than Varget with the 14 and a halfer. I'd be inclined to try something along the lines of TAC or Benchmark.

sm*k_daddy said: If 24 grains of varget under a 77 smk doesn't shoot well in your AR-15, it's cursed.

*bHobbyist said: Well gents I want to thank you very much for your time, and load advice. I was able to spend some time at the reloading bench today and loaded up a test load pack. I have about 4 lbs of varget on hand so thats what I used for powder, along with Win F/L resized brass, Win SR primers, some new 75 grain Hornady BTHP bullets. I loaded 10 rounds each ranging from 22.5 - 24 grains (color coaded them), increasing in 0.5 grain increments. All rounds were then finished off with a Lee Factory crip die, and then checked for proper fit in my chamger gauge. All passed with flying colors. Final results from the loading bench looks like: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v482/rwagner/75grainreloads.jpg Hope to have some results next week and hope to be apble to share. Again thanks for your help regards AbH

P*ulinski said: Looking good ;) Curious to see the results.

mpj*stin said: did you mark the primers with marker or paint? I assume it has no affect on the primer? thanks

*bHobbyist said: Paulinski: Thx for the cudo's I will do my best, but there are alot of better shooters than I am. Mpjustin: On my reloading bench, I have 4 or 5 differenc color Sharpie markers, as they seem to work the best for marking primers. Durring load development I find it critical that one be able to tell what load was fired in what piece of brass so you can keep track of preasure signs. I find the easiest way is to have an index in the box lid as too what powder levels correspond to which color. Its an effecient system, especially for some one like me that suffers from somtimers (some times I remember, some times I do not ;)). Usually I only load 4-5 rounds, but as this is an autoloader, one may not be able to retreive all the brass, so more is merrier. Hope this all makes sense. regards AbH

St*cker said: Howdy Varget sluts:rolleyes: 24grns of Reloader 15 works well. I've upped it to 25grns, but the brass don't last long. I shoot a Classic Green so it don't really matter as the brass goes flying for 20 feet anyways and hides in the grass;) You might find this article on the subject of 77grn bullets interresting: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=54716 I've also used 26grns of Accurate 2520. The velocity is there, but it did not group well out of my rifle:( Sticker

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