357 mag (rifle!) load for deer?

7.62M*n said: Anyone have a load they care to PM or post? I was browsing the forums and found a old post that a member stated he load a 357 mag to 30-30 levels (357 158gr Speer Gold Dot HP's to 2200fps over 'Lil Gun) Is this possible? They would be fired from a 1894 lever gun with 18 1/2" barrel. Anyone know how to load brass to 30-30 levels and willing to share the info with me?

7.62M*n said: No one knows?

d*zzy dan 1 said: I would also be interested in this load.DAN>>>

h*lmet head said: I have a box of WINCHESTER .357 mag Partition Gold with 180gr Nosler hollow points. I'm allmost too scared to shoot them out of my short barrel revolver.

s*nray said: "...load a 357 mag to 30-30 levels..." Not a hope of doing that safely. Hodgdon doesn't give loads for the .357 mag in a rifle with that powder and bullet weight. They do for a handgun, but the velocity is 1504fps to 1577fps. The longer barrel will perk that up some, but unlikely to 2200fps. H110 will give you 1619fps to 1757fps with that bullet. The only .357 bullets that exceed 2000fps is a 110 grain Hornady XTP or a Hornady 125 grain XTP using H110 or H4227. I'd lean towards the 125 with H110. The .357 is marginal for deer to start with, but a 125 grain jacketed bullet fired at less than 100 yards might be enough for small deer.

d*Bear said: There is some rifle data on reloadersnest.com which is pretty impressive(make sure u look under the rifle category). You can also check out this article on the following site. gunblast.com/Winchester-Ranger357.htm I have not used the 357 rifle for hunting but I can attest to the fact that even at 100yds, it has reasonable power but probably best suited for under 100yds. Cheers dB:)

S*ndRoad said: Was it 357 Magnum or 357 Maximum? Maximum rated pressure for 357 Mag is 35,000 psi vs 40,000 psi for 357 Max, in addition to greater powder capacity in the 357 Max cartridge.

j*gger08 said: Send me your address by p.m and I'll xerox and mail 4 page feature from a 1990's Guns'n Ammo that answers your .357 mag for deer questions.I don't want to give away the ending my friend but let's just say,don't sell your carbine yet.Sorry for the low tech methodology but it's the best I got.

T*rkeyslayer 1300 said: Checkout www.leverguns.com they have alot to say about pistol cartridges in rifles in general. Also brian pearce of Handloading And Rifle magazine had an article with some .357 rifle loads that he had used for deer.

7.62M*n said: Where do you find the Handloading and rifle magazine? Itired to google it and could not find it.

7.62M*n said: I found a few loads that use cast bullets and 2400 powder. I know a guy in Minnesota that takes his deer every year with a 180 grain slug getting about 1700fps at 50-75 yards.

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