32-40 loads

Br*therRockeye said: title kinda says it...anyone loading the 32-40,jacketed,smokeless.wanna share your favorite load. thanks.

b*n hunchak said: For heavy loads.....reloader 7, for light loads AA#9, this cartridge is still popular in Schutzen style shooting, where the best accuracy is with cast bullets, breech seated. They use old or replica single shots, and of course the old guns shouldn't be used with jacketed. If you are using a "nickle steel" barrelled Win. '94 you should be okay with j-word bullets.

Br*therRockeye said: 1903 Savage 1899B in 32-40 most of the info I've found on the 32-40 was Schutzen related. the octagon barrel on my 1899B is stamped for smokeless"high pressure" I've got loads upwards of 1800fps w/170gr "J-word"(I like that)bullets. was lookin for some more recipes from folks already versed in the caliber. thanks for the reply.

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