308 with 220gr RN

r.f*llon said: Hi guys, I am not having much luck at finding loading info for 308win with 220gr Horn RN. Can somebody point me in the right direction? thanks RF

s*nray said: 220's are for the .30-06. Max bullet weight for the .308 is 200 grains. 220's will have too long of an OAL in .308. Won't fit in the mag with the max OAL for a .308. There are a few 220 grain .308 loads on Reloader's Nest though. Using 2.8" OAL. Max for a 190 grain bullet. The bullet will go a fair distance into the case.

c*smic said: To boot - most 308's wouldnt have enough twist to stabilize that bullet....

N*rthman999 said: Try IMR 4895, starting at 36 grains and work up. If your rifle doesn't like that (I'd be surprised) then try BL-C2 and do the same. 220's DO work in a .308, so long as your rifle can stabilize them, and the only way to know is to try. Berger also has load data for their 210gr VLD in .308 win, with about ten different powder types, and their bullet is LONG! Kind of surprised how quick some guys are to jump on the "You can't do that..." bandwagon!

r.f*llon said: 220gr Horn Rn seated to midway of the canilure groove gives a OAL of 2.770. This will fit .308, as for the barrel twist not stablizing the 220, leave that up to me. I just wanted to find a powder and load to start with. The Horn 190gr SPBT performs very well in my rifle. I think that the 220gr will make a good close range bush round if it will stabilize with in 100yrds.

*lberta tactical rifle said: I also get great results with the 190 SMKs in my 308 using N550 powder, the 208 Amaxs I am still working loads for but look very promising. The Vit website offers load data for 200 gr Speer bullets, so you could get a starting point there and adjust for the 220s

k*mbayotch said: The 220 gr. RN is shorter than 210 Match bullets by a good margin. I should stabilize in the faster twist barrels. For something that heavy, the best candidate powder would be RL-17.

730w*n94 said: the lee reloading book has data up to 250 grain for the .308 winchester the fastest 225 grain load uses H4350 2369 fps 54,727 psi

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