303 British load with 174 grn. Sierra

D*ntforth said: I have loaded a few to try with 38.0 gns. of 4895 powder. These are loaded using once fired and F/L resized Gevelot brass. I have not loaded for the Lee Enfield No.1 Mk.3 before so I thought I'd ask the experts. I shopped around for loads and saw most using 40.0 and 41.0 gns. of 4895. I thought I'd be careful and start at 38.0 gns. but then saw that the Hodgdon guide calls for 34.0 to start and 38.0 as maximum. Thanks, Dave

h*ochie said: 174gr HPBT H4895 35.3gr - 41.6gr COL-3.075. 2100- 2450fps. this is right off the Sierra reloading software. good luck,

S*squatch807 said: The most accurate load ever fired out of my No. 5 with 174 gr. bullets (Norma pointed soft points) was with 47.0 grains of IMR-4831. 45 grains of W-760 was almost as good. The load I usually use with 180 gr. Sabretips is 41.0 grains of H-4895 and it is very accurate but performed like crap with the 174 gr. bullets out of my No. 5. Go figure.

H*adDamage said: Any good varget loads for the 303 or is it too fast?

s*nray said: Start with a manual. Then work up the load the way you do for any other rifle.

gl*nliz87 said: I'm using 38.0 grains of Varget with a 180gr SPRN for my .303 & it works well for me.

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