30-06 varget loads

w*zzardsl said: Anyone actually used varget in 30-06 loads? At the moment I have 165Gr Hornady Interbonds which I plan to shoot and according to my research I should be working between 47 and 50.5 Grain of varget 3.285" OAL. I was just curious if anyone has actually worked up a load for this caliber and varget and can chime in with there results

L*fty Dick said: Try Hodgdon's website

r*mbolt said: Yes varget works well in 30-06.try this one. 150gr nosler BT with 48.5 grs of varget under it.cci 200 primer and winchester brass.shoots under 1/2" for me.seat bullet to suit your rifle.

Br*tus said: Is it safe to assume you are not using this, in an M-1 Garand rifle? (save that $$$ op-rod)

s*nray said: Varget is fine for an M1. Just work up the load.

m*rtinbns said: H4350 works better.

br*therjack said: Quickload says: 165 Hornady InterBond 3.285 OAL 50.5 grains of Varget 96% case fill 59,162 PSI. 2758 FPS in a 22 inch barrel. That's technically over-max, but only by a few hundred PSI on a cartridge that's speced to rather low pressure to begin with (they load 270Win to 65,000PSI in the same brass from the same plant), so I wouldn't worry about that IN THIS CASE. As with all things reloading, however, BE CAREFUL!!!! Work up a load SLOWLY, starting with a lower charge, and watching for pressure signs, do NOT just take quickloads' word for it and load up as specified above. Also, if you have a chronograph, trust the chrony more than you trust quickload (or any book load data, for that matter) -- if, for instance, with the load above, you find you're making 2900FPS when you should only be getting about 2750 -- well, you're getting extra pressure from somewhere; velocity isn't free. Side note -- please report results -- I'm looking into using Varget and 150 grain AccuBond's in my new (to me) 30-06 (handy, because it's the same powder/bullet I use in my 308's). I am very curious to know how it works for other folks.

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