.455 Eley

d*nyboy said: Anybody knows what dies and brass I need to reload a .455 Eley ? Buddy at the range says he has an old one but he can't get get ammo for it. I told him maybe I could reload for it but I am not sure, is it simply .455 colt reloading dies and brass that I need ? danyboy

b*ckbrush said: TRY THIS http://www.canadiangunnutz.com/forum/showthread.php?t=81538

J*hnC said: I'm told you can use .45ACP dies or .45LC. ( I use .45LC) The shellholder however has to be the proper one as the rim is quite a bit thinner than the .45LC. also if you use the .45LC dies you have to trim 1/8" off the end of the seating die if you want to use the short .455 Eley mark II cases.

H*-Standard said: To the best of my knowledge, and I've been reloading 455 Webley for quite some time now, the 455 Webley, 455 Colt and the 455 Eley are one in the same. I use 455 Webley dies from Lee. The Lee dies come with the 45 LC full length sizing die, so you should be fine using 45 colt die sets. The bullet seating die however is marked 455 Webley, so you may or may not be able to use a 45 ACP or LC bullet seating die, I have never tried. The shell holder is a Lee number 5 which is the same one used for 303 British. Brass, I think is still being produced br Hornady(Mk. II) the short stuff, and it's not too hard to get. The mold I use to cast my bullets is a Lee 220 gr. Ruger SAA. It casts out at about 456"-457". Then I size with a 454" LC sizer die. 45 ACP bullets are too small in diameter, they won't be accurate. I know, I've tried:( All in all, if your equiped to load for 45 LC and have a 303 shell holder your good to go! If you don't reload your SOL unless you want to spend big bucks. 455 pretty much disappeard from the face of the planet for the 45 ACP round, which is quit odd, since the 45 LC is still hangin' in there. Must be an American thing;)

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