.308 blr loads

wr*ck said: i have been trying to get a descent load worked up for my .308 blr and i'm having a hard time finding one that works in my rifle. i have tried hornady 150 grain sst's with varget. and 155 bergers using IMR 4064 both of those bullets don't seem to work well in my rifle i'm just interested in hearing what other blr users are using. and also what C.O.A.L is being used. any help would be greatley appreciated. i should have been working on the loads months ago lol but as usual it got put off lol :)

bl*rgon said: Browning shows the twist at 1:12, so in theory it should shoot 150's. But we all know about theories.;) I've had good luck with IMR4895 and Varget in my short barreled .308's, shooting all bullet weights. Try the 150's with 4895, or go to a 165 or 180 with Varget... As for COL, I'd try seating them at 2.8", and go from there...

G*nderite said: Twist is not an issue. My BLR has a fairly tight chamber, so for hunting I make a point of Full length sizing. My rifle does not seem fussy. I use Hornady 180's because the last time I shot a deer with it with 150's I got too much meat damage. 4064 is the same powder as 4895, with a different grain shape. It is a very forgiving powder and the best choice if you want to find a good load, quickly. You can use it (and varget) for 150, 165 and 180 bullets. Are your bases screws tight? Since they cannot be checked after scope is installed, I LocTite them. If scope is tight, then test off sandbags, with your left hand resting on bags, holding the rifle. The BLR has a light barrel with a barrel band. It does not handle heat well. There are two issues - zeroing and grouping. I suggest you load 44, 44.5 and 45 gr of 4064 under the 150 at 2.80". Fire 2 shots of the 44 gr. If they are within 2" of each other at 100 yards, you are good to go so far as a load is concerned. If the zero needs adjusting, make your clicks and wait for the barrel to cool right down to cold. This is critical. If you don't the zero will be off. Then fire a pair of the 44.5s to confirm the zero. If they are closer together than the first two, quit and go home, using that as the load. Only a rifle with a floating barrel can be trusted to mainatain grouping and zero as it warms, and then only if it has been properly heat treated and has no bends in it. The BLR is a fine hunting rifle. Can be counted on for 2 accurate shots. One more than you will usually need. Your grouping problem is more likley you chasing hot barrel shots around a target.

K*nny_G2 said: I tried a full load of varget, compressed load, with my 165 gr interbonds with 2" groups at 100yds, OK, not great Then I tried a recipe listed here on CGN, backed up by a reloading manual of course. 39gr of imr3031 produces 1" groups. I also back up the need to let the barrel cool, groups really open up with a warm barrel

wr*ck said: awesome info thanks , i was taking 3 shot groups and it was the third one that flew funny. so that explains everything! the other thing was that a couple of the loads were tight at the last little bit of the lever closing, i think i might have had them seated out to far and when i closed the lever it actually seated them a bit more. meaning the could be on the lands which equals not good . i will try seating them a bit deeper maybe 2.790" i did full length size them with a small base die. so that could also be part of my issues aswell. once again very helpful info and thanks. i also have a part box of hornady 165 interlocks that i wouldn't mind trying. for the 165 grains should a person seat them to 2.775" in the blr?

G*nderite said: Touching the rifling is a no-no in a hunting rifle. You could leave a bullet stuck in the barrel and have an action, trigger full of powder.

K*nny_G2 said: have an action, trigger full of powder. I though your were going to say embedded in your face. Just go by the book for COAL (IMHO), especially with an action as tight as the BLR. I know everyone on CGN swears by seating just of the lands, but when I did try it once it didn't make one bit of difference (in that particular rifle). I only need hunting level accuracy so I am happy with 1 inch groups at 100 yards. If I get a particular rifle that won't group I may try it but no need so far. Make sure your brass are the correct length, if they are too long that may explain your stiffness when closing. Which can be just as bad as touching the rifling with the bullet.

wr*ck said: i think i have found the problem i was using the load data from my speer manual and from the hodgdon website and they were listing a coal length of 2.80" and (that is what i was seating them to) and also a max charge of 47.0 max charge of vargetwas their parameters. so i loaded up 44.5, 45.0 45.5 grain test loads. seated them to 2.80" which fit in my magazine. my cases were trimmed to the correct length . so yesterday i bought the hornady manual and did some checking and their coal length was 2.735 max and the max charge of varget with a 150 grain bullet is 44.9. so right then and there i was seating them out more than they recommended for that bullet and also was over charging them ( i staarted basically at their max load ). i will try working up a load from the hornady manual and i will seat them to 2.735" and see what i get. i think i have learnt a very good lesson i will use the data faithfully in which the bullet manufacuter recommends because in the end i'm not looking for tac driver accuracy i'm looking for a descent hunting load is all. thanks again for the help and info .

w*de said: i use imr-4064 and imr-3031 in my 99 savage ,308, with 150 gr hornadys,i dont seem to be able to get much near the higher velocitys listed in the manuals with any other powders , and very good accuracy, with them both,

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