.270 WSM Magpro load range report

D*veC said: I scored some Magpro last week and we tried some loads for my Savage 16 in .270 WSM. I had 3 loads that were exceptional with the 140 gr TSX. We forgot the tripod for the chrony, so I don't have any velocity stats.:redface: The first sweet group was 68.2 grains of Magpro. This one put 2 in the same hole with the third shot 1/8" from the 1st 2. I can't find my calipers, but it is under 1/2". The funny thing was, the next load was a disappointment at 1 3/4" from 68.8 gr of powder. The next load was 3/4" from 69.4 gr. Load 4 was another 2 in one hole, with the 3rd 3/8" from the 1st 2. Looks like 5/8" measured with a crude tape measure. This one was 70 gr of Magpro and was the max load from Barnes. I snuck in another .6 of a grain with no pressure signs and printed another group a hair over 5/8". I am thrilled silly with these results so far :D I'm going to load up a bunch more and text them at 200 and 300 yards. Then the next step will be to figure out the BDC reticle on my Nikon Monarch. I picked up a 4-16 with the BDC and I love it so far. I'll report the results from 200 and 300 later. I did also try some loads with the 130 gr Tipped TSX. Groups were OK. Load 1 was 71.6 gr of Magpro. 1 1/4" Load 2 was 72.2 gr. Just under 1" Load 3 was 72.8 gr. 1 1/8" Load 4 was 73.4 gr. 7/8" Load 5 was the max load from Barnes (for the MRX, closest match) This one was fine for the 1st shot. Shot 2 popped the primer:eek: Took one more shot. Same thing:eek: However, this produced a 5/8" group. I had a fourth shot, but didn't fire it. (load groups of 3, with a fourth to replace a called flier) If I have no fliers, I use them for fouling shots after cleaning. Hopefully I can push one through a nice bear this weekend to test the performance.

L*fty Dick said: :needPics:

t*dbartell said: rule of thumb when you pop a primer go home and add 2 grains and then go hunting!

D*veC said: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v281/Supermag/130grTTSX.jpg[/IMG]

D*veC said: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v281/Supermag/140grTSX.jpg

L*fty Dick said: Yup it looks like your on to something, the only fly I see is a reliable and steady supply of the powder. I get really turned off on propellents that are almost impossible to get at least more than once a year on a good year.

M*ghty Peace said: I was going to try Magpro but my reloads with Retumbo and 140gr Accubonds gave me 0.217" 5 shot group @ 100m close to 3260ft/sec in one of my Tikka T3 LS 270WSM's Good load development DaveC. I had 140TSX's to try but the Accubonds worked awesome at the range and on big game so I traded all my TSX's for more Accubonds.

D*veC said: I just loaded 40 more rounds and still have a pound and a wee bit left. I'm going to see if Backcountry Sports is planning on getting more in soon so I can stock up. I'll post the velocities when we test them out. I do have some Accubonds too, as well as a box of Failsafes. I don't even think I'm going to try the Failsafes. I'll probably never find them again. Maybe I'll put them up for a swap for a box of TSXs. I still have some Retumbo and H4831 SC. Do you guys keep trying new powders and loads even if you find a good one? 0.6" is awesome, but 0.217" is better:) Does a guy just keep burning powder and throwing expensive premium bullets downrange?:runaway:

M*ghty Peace said: Why not , its fun. I was so happy with my 270WSM load in my one T3, I did it for my other one thats the same. One rifle with the 0.217" group uses between 68.0-69.0gr Retumbo (cant remeber exact, but I have it documented in my reloading journal) and the other likes 71.0gr (compressed load) with 0.4" groups-got to play with seating depth I think now for this rifle. I have H1000 and 7828SSC I can try but I loaded up about 50 rounds for the one rifle for the next few hunting seasons.

p*ckets said: I use RL19 with 130 TSX in my tikka T3. Awesome load. Shoots 10 shots in 1.5" easily, 2" high at 100, hold dead on to 350. Has punched through every deer I have shot, regardless of angle.

B*ssplayer said: Hi, all. I'm new to this forum and have found this thread of particular interest. I have a Weatherby Vanguard in .270 WSM, currently shooting Federal Premium factory loads with 140 gr. Nosler Accubonds. This combination has proven extremely accurate and helped me bag my share of deer over the last couple of years. Here's my question: I'd like to move up in bullet weight to 150 gr. for a potential elk hunt this fall. I like the accubonds, but I can get Hornady SSTs for a LOT less dough. Has anyone worked up a load for this bullet? The Hodgedon website has some useful data, but a real world opinion would be great! Thanks in advance. :sniper:

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