.223 Wylde

B*omer454 said: I am just wondering what the differences between a .223 wylde chamber and a regular .223 Rem chamber are. I have heard that the throat dimensions are different. Basically the wylde chamber has more "freebore" than a regular .223 Rem. Is this correct? In a standard AR platform is brass life affected either way? Is the loading data interchangeable?

m*ynard said: Bill Wylde designed the reamer to work with 69 gr bullets. It just so happens it also works great with 80gr bullets. Bill has built many AR style rifles for Gov't agencies that shall not be mentioned here. Brass life will not be affected and normal .223 load data should be used.

*crashb said: "A few AR15 manufacturers incorporate the use of a hybrid chamber specification known as the Wylde chamber. Designed by and named after Bill Wylde, this chambering was created for High Power shooters after the 80 grain .224" bullets became popular. While the Wylde chamber allows for optimal seating depth of 80 grain bullets over .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO, it is capable of accepting both ammunition types. The Wylde chamber is used by a few manufacturers who sell "National Match" configuration AR-15 rifle, barrels, and upper receivers." Loading data is the same.

s*nray said: The Wylde chamber is .040" longer than SAAMI spec .223 chambers and .040" shorter than a 5.56 chamber.

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