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Another reloading newbie

C*mo tung said: Maybe I'm not searching this forum with an accurate enough description so I'll throw it out to the group - do all dies fit all presses? Will Lee dies fit RCBS equipment, that sort of thing? I'm looking to start loading for my own use, rifle and handgun, and have some Lee and RCBS dies passed my way and that's it; no press or any of the other required bits and pieces. Will they fit any press or should I be selling one set and buying all my dies from the same maker? Thanks everyone...

d*nydart said: Generally, yes. There are some exceptions but as long as they are the same thread (7/8-14 I think) they will be interchangeable. IIRC only Dillon uses proprietary components. Look into the various "starter kits" to get a press + scale etc. When the time comes you may want to limit yourself to one brand so if a decapping pin breaks, for example, you can steal one from a different caliber that you have instead of ordering. You may also find that you prefer one brand to the others but for now just get what you can.

c*linjw said: Denydart gave you good advice.

D*vid K said: .... As noted above, in general yes, the dies use the same thread. However, be very cautious if you try interchanging the actual parts/components of the dies. Since reloading is addictive, buy quality equipment, an if looked after and not abused, second hand press etc. may allow you to get started with top notch gear sooner. It is a safe hobby, but don't take safety for granted, make safe handling procedures the only way to go ! The Powder Manufacturers, offer some free reloading data, and keep your eyes open for used manuals (and that's even if you buy the newest ones, as the old manuals often have data, and cartridges not shown in the newer ones) .... Good luck with your "new hobby " ! ..... David K. ....:)

b*ltfed said: IIRC only Dillon uses proprietary components. And to clarify further, only the 'Square Deal' presses use a proprietary die - the rest of the Dillon presses use regular dies.

d*n belisle said: Some of the BR stuff is different as well. - dan