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Can I reload these brass ?

v*lks_r_us said: Hi I'm about to start reloading , will probly pick up my gear next week. I have about 60 once fired brass that I fired personally. Catridges were Federal Power shock 130gr 270WSM Only thing I'm wondering if I can use them Most of them have mark from the bolt on them, more precisely on the "RIM" Im using a Ruger M77 MKII all weather and it as the mauser action type bolt, with a little cut in the bolt for the extrator I think. Anyway this is useless without a picture so here it is The nickel plated one is a winchester fired by the same gun Something it cut out enough brass from the rim that I find small pieces in my magasine. Some others only lightly mark See pic So can I use these , does my gun as a problem with Federal Ammo is that possible ? I email Federal twice with picture asking for question never got a answer what do you guys think ?

v*lks_r_us said: I took other pictures and found that Federal balistic tip dosent seems to mark ? now I have no clue why but look at the pictures Blue primer (not sure what it is sealer,glue or paint and what is it for?) are the Power Show $33.95 Red Primer are the ballistic tip 39.95 Nickel plated winchester Silver tip ballistic $49.95

303c*rbine said: Look for a sharp edge on the bolt face. Check the spot where the slot is cut out for the extractor.

B*ribal said: I'd have the headspace checked, just because it does not happens everytimes, I doubt this would be because of sharps edges. Usually when the ejector groove extrudes the case haed it's either a case of headspace or a sign of high pressure. This can be because the rifle headspace is on the large side, but still OK, and the cases are on the small size, allowing for more headspace. Those wich are not extruded (in the ejector groove) might have been on the large side (smaller case headspace). To measure the case headspace you can buy the Hornady "Head'n'shoulders" Cartridge Headspace Gauge - this is to be used with a caliper (Dante in Montreal usually have those in stock). Then, you can compare the new cases between one and the other make / type and re-check after firing.

msg.dr*w said: I would check your bolt face for burrs or imperfections in the metal... most of your cases should be reuseable... did you notice when ejecting them if any of them seemed harder to eject then others...

v*lks_r_us said: humm. Im not familliar with that head space im not there yet in my "ABC of reloading Book" I know 98% of the Federal cartride with the blue primer are mark. and about 5 out of 20 of the balistic one (federal also) have a Very slight sign of a marking. These are all factory ammo. I only fire 1 Winchester so not much of stats here but it not mark My rifle has less then 140 rounds in it. so it basically new , well look like new to me and my friends. As for having a hard time ejecting them, I did found some made the bolt hard to open. when this happened I could see chipped brass in my recever from the rim of those cartridges. You think I could have a head space problem already ? how those this happen anyway ? Made I should sell that gun :S as for the bolt like you can see in the pictures it look just fine

32-20 said: Looks to me like the case head is swelling into the slot on the bolt face (which seems odd with factory loads). I'm no gunsmith but that's my hunch. If it were my bolt, I would touch the edges of the slot which are on the bolt face with a jewler's file. Ever so lightly though... With the bolt out of the gun, hold one of the fired cases up against the bolt face to varify where the marks line up on the face. It sure looks like that slot is the culpret...A more interesting question would be - if the head is swelling into that slot, why is it doing so? Again, I recommend the opinion of a varified smith. I'm a nobody...

L*fty Dick said: Many of the factory WSM's are pretty warm WRT pressures, combine that with a tad tighter bore, or slightly on the edge chamber dimensions and voila, you have classic signs of high pressure. It would be interesting to see what this factory ammo is doing for velocity in your rifle.

v*lks_r_us said: on the box it say 3250Fps (blue primer) 98% all with a mark Balistic 3300FPS (red primer) and Unmark :confused:

sh*tgunjoe said: Before you do any filing on anything, was the gun brand new when you bought it? If so find your local ruger warrantee depot and have them look at it. It does appear to be high pressure marks from the ejector slot, however, as someone else stated, I am not a Smith. Take the fired cases with you.

c*rtmg said: Your rifle may have a problem, but as to your question of reloading the brass, they'll most likely be fine, so long as that is the only problem. The rim is only there for feeding and extraction. So long as the web of the case isn't affected, the case will still hold the pressure from the gases. If you have a bit large of headspace, and if that's the only problem, then you are laughing, as these cases are now the perfect size for your rifle. Neck size only, do not full length resize, and they are exactly sized to your chamber. Once the cases get tough to chamber, you'll want to bump the shoulder back just a touch. I don't have the book you are reading, but given how often I see it recommended, I'm sure it'll tell you how to do these things I've mentioned, be sure to read it, and at least one, better two loading manuals cover to cover, before you even think of loading a single round. Reloading is a very safe aspect to firearms, so long as you take the time to learn what you are doing, and even better, if you even go to the extent of learning why you are doing every step. If you have a question, it's always best to ask. It's better to look silly, than look like a rifle blew up 2 inches from your face. ETA, if it is a headspace problem, and they fix it, you'll need to at least full length size the brass, if not chuck it entirely. They'll let you know the best course of action when you get it checked.

B*ribal said: You can have headspace problems with a brand new rifle. The headpsace is not only the chamber by itself but the cartridge also have a headspace spec. What is bringing some doubts is the fact that the extrusion is not always there within the same lot of cartridge. The nickel plated cases are always harder than standard brass cases, so, it's no surprise the problem does not show. The Ruger Service Center for Quebec is ; Location Snap Shots inc. CANADIAN REPAIR STATION 650 Rang Roy Sainte Martine, Quebec J0S 1V0 CANADA Email: snapshots Tel. # 450-427-0052 Fax # 450-427-0498 Bring them your rifle together with the spent brass, and they will check it up. Also try to bring them some problematic unfired cases. They usually respond quite well their repairs seems to be really consistent.

v*lks_r_us said: Thanks alot guys ,Ill put the reloading on hold while i fix this gun issue. I email Ruger USA directly Yesterday night without knowing about the Quebec Service Center. They will probly foward my email to them Ill wait for a answer in the couple of days and will head to Sainte Martine which is only 35 min away from my home. Ill keep you updated.

Tw*lldous said: I'm no expert but, when you extract the fired case and continue reward with the bolt the case is held in place until the rearward force of the bolt and case together hits on the ejector, with enough force to eject the case out of the grasp of the extractor sending it clear of the action thus causing the dents in the case head. My two cents Dave

v*lks_r_us said: Update I got a email response from Federal :" Greetings, We apologize for the problem you encountered while using our ammunition. This is not typical of our quality standards, and we do appreciate youletting us know about your experience. To better assist you we would appreciate the ammunition in question besent to us for further examination. Upon receiving your ammo we inreturn will ship you replacement ammunition as soon as they are available as well as reimbursing you for your shipping charges. Please ship via UPS to; ********************** Please package the ammunition into 1 box and package tightly so thecontents do not shift. Please write ORM-D on two sides of the box so UPSis aware it is Other Regulated Materials class (D). Once again we apologize for the problem you encountered. Thank you,Federal Cartridge I shipped the Empty brass today We will see what happens I also Call SnapShot Ruger service Center. They said we dont accept drop off or pick up order . "you need to go by mail it's your only option". I asked for a exception since it's 30 min from my home. "We cant, Sry everybody ask for a exception." So I need to ship my Rifle in order to have them take a look at the headspace or the bolt face. I am not sure what to do spend $50 worth of shipping to have it repair (if needed) under warranty ( might not be under warranty so I will have to pay) or pay $50 for one hour or work to my local gunsmith to fix or polish bolt or chamber ??? I was thinking if brass is soft , when I fire, it back up to the bolt and expand. What probly happen is, when I open the bolt the Ejector slot cut the Rim of the brass. To do so the brass would have to bind a little in order to get cut , It would not get cut if straight seated on the bolt cuz the seated flat surface is much bigger then the small ejector slot. :ninja:

B*ribal said: Seen the amount of firearms they receive / ship and have in storage, it's normal they don't accept drop-in. Try another make of ammo, if you think it's only the brass. But don't try nickel coated ones. Use standard brass cases. Shoot some and if you still have the ejector mark, then, you will know for sure it's the rifle. In the meantime, send the remaining ammos to Federal who will send you another box. Usually you can identify soft brass pretty quick, because the stamping shows some flatenings.

S*sk_Hunter said: I'm no expert but, when you extract the fired case and continue reward with the bolt the case is held in place until the rearward force of the bolt and case together hits on the ejector, with enough force to eject the case out of the grasp of the extractor sending it clear of the action thus causing the dents in the case head. My two cents Dave plus federals soft brass. are you slaming the bolt open when you open the bolt?

v*lks_r_us said: plus federals soft brass. are you slaming the bolt open when you open the bolt? Slaming ... No , Im relax im getting pound by a WSM :D