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303 British, 150 grn loads, advice please

h*redgun said: I am about to load up some 150 grn Hornady Spire Points for my Jungle Carbine and welcome advice. The use is informal paper punching at 100 yards, using iron sights. My Sierra manual lists the 150 grn accuracy load as 40.8 grns of IMR 3031, a powder I do not have. Currently I have IMR 4064, IMR 4831, IMR 4895, Varget and H380 available and hope someone has a favorite mild accurate load with these powders. Thanks for any advice.

N*rthman999 said: IMR 4895, start at 40.0 grs and work up if you want. If it's just for shooting paper, you may be fine right there at 40.0 grs. Have fun.

*ceman2 said: Tryy a few of each powder that has listings in your manual. Your rifle will tell you what it likes. Each rifle is different.

m*nitou210 said: Mine shoots well with 150grs, 42gr of Rl 15 since you have Varget its very close to RL 15 give it a try. My friends P14 really likes 40.5gr Varget and 174gr Sierra MK As Northman said IMR 4895 works good also.

p*laris said: 150 grs hornady bullet over 40 grs Varget works great in my # 4 Longbranch... Actually Varget is the only rifle powder that i keep in inventory nowadays. Good for my: 223 6.5 Swed. 30-30 Win. 7.5 Swiss 7mm Mauser 7.65mm Mauser 303 Brit. 308 Win. just to name e few...