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243 loads for classic compact 70

c*lt45cz75 said: I need a load for mine. I was trying a plinker load of 38 gr. IMR 4064 with a 80 gr. Rem PSP in brand new neck turned rem cases with a cci primer. It seems to shoot all over an 8x11 sheet of paper. I never measured a group as it seemed meaningless, but I would estimate 5 inches. Any Suggestions? I am going to try a 85 gr Sierra HPBT with the same charge and a benchrest primer to see what's what. I am going to try the Sierra's seated 10 thou short of the lands. the rems were seated to the cannelure.Thanks in advance.

Z*luMike said: Here's what I load in my M70 .243 70gr Speer TNT's Winchester Brass CCI 200 Primers 40gr Varget However, If your rifle is shooting 5" groups I would check the action screws and scope mount screws to make sure nothing was loose before changing loads.

h*ochie said: the Sierra's will work well for you. I load the 85gr HPBT for my wife, and they are very accurate.

c*lt45cz75 said: Thanks guys.