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17 rem keyholes w/IMR 4320

r*german257r said: I have a Factory Rem 700 in 17rem and in my ongoing quest for a more accurate load I found when I switched to 4320 powder my bullets were keyholing. One out of every four or five would go through the paper at 100yds side ways. I then shot them through the chrony and they are going anywhere from the high 3700's to 4100fps. This is with different loads there was liitle deviation in velocity with each individual load. I then reloaded the same cases which would have been there third loading with the exact same rem 7 1/2 primer same hornady 25 gr HP and 22.2gr IMR 4895 and got the usual 5/8" group, my best load so far. When increasing this load to 23gr 4895 in a previous test this load opens groups to 1.5". I haven't chronied any other loads then the 4320, is it possible the bullets are being driven to fast with these loads and are starting to come apart? This seems unlikely considering they should be designed for 4100 fps+. If anyone has had any similar findings let me know, Thanks.

K*van said: I've had no problems using 4320, but in my rifle other powders are more accurate. My best groups have been with H4895 and IMR 4198. My problem is that I don't chronograph anything so I can't tell you what I'm getting for velocity. My rifle is a Mod. 788 with a stainless barrel, a Ram-line stock and 12x Leupold. I've only used Hornady bullets and so far got a few groups just under 1/4", but I'd really like to try some Berger bullets as some people claim they've got a really good 17 cal. bullet.

GG*THRIE said: i use nothing but 4320 in my 17 with great results, i use both the hornady as well as the berger.

pr*sper said: I shoot 20gr vmax under a stiff charge of varget into nice little bughole groups, around 4400 fps. Never tried 4320, but from what I've seen, it's a very common choice in the 17 rem (as is the 25 HP).

S*lverback said: All I use is IMR4320 in my Rem 700 BDL in 17 Rem and it works fine for me with 20 and 25 grain Hornady and 25 grain Berger bullets.

r*german257r said: Thanks for the imput, any pet loads with anything other than 4320 would be appreciated. I guess I will have to chalk this one up to unexplained phenomenom!?

b*falobill said: I have heard from others that the 17 rem is famous for fouling barrels. It could be a comination of the powder and some copper residue in the barrel. Fouled barels can manifest in keyholes. Just comething else to check before you give up on 4320.