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Help with Lyman 45 Lubrisizer

bl*emike807 said: as mentioned in another post, I bought one of these, and having finally degreased it and taken it apart, Im now trying to determine which parts it is missing. Mainly, Im concerned about the internals of the lube tube - it seems to be missing the 'follower' - that pushes down the lubricant. I've had a look at the exploded diagram for the 4500 here: and the 'Ideal' 45 here: But I think there are some differences overall. Specifically, the follower - I found this odd circular item in the bottom of the lube tube - but Im not sure if its the follower or not; it doesnt have any O-rings, just a steel 'washer' with a brass 'skirt' with a notch in it (will try to post photos.) For anyone who has one of these, can you please describe or post the followre

40-82 said: Bluemike807, I have both the Lyman 45 and the Lyman 450. The followers are different from each other. The steel washer with the attached brass skirt is correct for the Lyman 45. The 1/2" wide skirt faces the bottom of the lube tube. The follower is placed on top of the lube stick. No O-rings are used. Not sure what you mean by the notch but you are probably referring to the joint where the ends of the wrap-around brass skirt come together forming a notched joint. There are only a few parts in the tube; just the threaded post, the follower (Lyman calls it the "pressure piston" but I like your term better) and the overall cap on the top of the tube. Hope this is clear enough but if not, let me know.

brn*lvr said: The Lyman 45, 450 and 4500 all share the same size piston, 40-82 is correct, the steel plug with brass sleeve is correct for that model, I have updated my 45 with the Piston out of a 450. Due to the old piston was leaking lube back out of the resovoir when pressure was applied.