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Pacific DL 105  Hand Shell Reloader W/RCBS Precisioneered Reloading Scale
Pacific DL 105 Hand Shell Reloader W/RCBS Precisioneered Reloading Scale
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Pacific DL-105  Hand Shell Reloader.
Pacific DL-105 Hand Shell Reloader.
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Source for RCBS Tool Parts?

R*bAK said: I've recently unpacked my reloading equipment from a recent move and found that 2 parts from my RCBS Hand Priming Tool were nowhere to be found. Specifically, the small and large priming rods are missing. Does anyone know a dealer that carries these individual components or am I going to have to try and get a dealer to special order them for me? Thanks in advance for any help!

d.b*la said: rcbs is probably the best in customer service go online to their website and call the customer service number there. they will replace for free any lost or broken part of any item they produce. awesome folks!!!!!!!!!!

p*wdergun said: X2 Just emailed them this week regarding a bent depriming assembly on a die set. They responded that day and shipped me out a new part free of charge. It just doesn't get any better than that:D

Sc*tt_N said: I too have experienced excellent customer service from RCBS. Same situation as you... I lost some stuff during a move, called RCBS, and about a week later I had the part for free in my mail box.

R*bAK said: Thanks for the replies guys, I'll give them a call tomorrow!:)

R*pstop said: I'll get in here too. Called RCBS about replacement depriming pins and they sent me free a whole wack of pins and a spare arbour to mount them in. Cost me zip except for the phone call. Awesome service! I almost felt guilty for taking the freebies.