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Pacific Reloading Tool Press DL-105 Powder and Shot Wad Press NICE
Pacific Reloading Tool Press DL-105 Powder and Shot Wad Press NICE
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Pacific DL-105  Hand Shell Reloader.
Pacific DL-105 Hand Shell Reloader.
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300 savage help

m*nitoumini14 said: Hi, I'm using Swift Scirocco II 150 gr. SpBt. for bullets. I have them seated @ 2.685.(as low as I can go, I'm using a lyman die set) Is this safe C.O.L? Did I buy the wrong bullets? HELp!

st*cker said: Boat tail bullets are not the best choice for 300 Savage. They are longer than a flat base of the same weight and usually have to be seated deeper in the case than is desirable. Couple this with a short case neck and you are compromising the powder capacity. If you have Ken Water's Pet Loads manual he makes mention of this. There is no great ballistic advantage to be gained using boat tails in that cartridge. The benefit of the boat tail doesn't really kick in until you are beyond the effective hunting range of the cartridge. Stick with a flat base for this one.

m*nitoumini14 said: Am I able to use the boat tails in my 300 sav. safely anyways??

st*cker said: You will have to ensure proper length for the magazine for feeding and remember that you are likely seating a bit deep and reducing case capacity. In all likelihood a load that was developed for a flat base bullet might be excessive at max. for a boat tail. Start at beginning loads for the bullet weight or even a grain less and work them up properly. If you encounter any extraction problems you will know you have gone too high as the 99 does not have as strong an extraction system as most bolt action rifles do and there is no real camming effect to get the case moving back in the chamber. depending on how deeply you have to seat that bullet you may find the case mouth is beyond the start of the ogive and the case mouth is sitting clear of the bullet around it's circumference. This can cause a chamber edge hang up on the end of the case. Apply enough crimp to round over the case mouth slightly but you do not have to make strong crimp contact on the bullet when doing this.

H*NTER265 said: try this as a reload ive been useing it since 1986 and it is a wonderfull load.41gr.of imr 4064 and a 150gr.hornady spitzer,its a compression load but try it before some body else says to use some thing else.

mb*go3 said: Best accuracy was 42gr of Win 748 with 150gr bullet,41 gr with the 165gr and 40 gr with the 180's All under 1 MOA out of a Sav 99 at 100 yards off the bench.............use at own risk...............Harold [all Hornadys]

s*nray said: Too long according to my Lyman book. Max OAL with the bullet is 2.515". A 150 is too heavy too. That'd be what is causing your length issue. Max bullet weight is a 117 grain jacketed. Have data for a jacketed 120 grain in an old Hodgdon book though. There's current data on Hodgdon's site. Look for .250-3000 Savage.

st*cker said: sunray: Read it again.

Why n*t? said: Sunray..............Sometimes I think you do this stuff on purpose! :rolleyes: