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Need Help with .308 Win Loads For AI

B*obytrapped said: Hey Guys ... Just got myself a Brand Spanky New AIAW .308 for christmas w:h: Thanks To Wolverine Supplies esp to Danniel, Pat and Ryan. :D My rifle has a 20" fluted barrel and I believe has a 1 in 12" Twist which would normaly mean 155 gr projectiles (I do prefer the smoother trajectory and BC of heaver projectiles) But I dont know where to start for powder, primers, etc :confused:. So I would like to know what all you AI owners (AI Owners ONLY) have tried and tested for loads. :stirthepot2: Also which brass have you been most happy with and if any special brass prep was required like neck turning etc. So once again ... only actuall expriences/results :sniper: .... no opinions/speculations :bsFlag:. Thank you in advance

M*rpheus32 said: in my experience with my AIs, the rifle was setup basically to fire Lapua 170gr factory loads. Although I had great results with 168 Sierra HPBTM and other factory loads, the Lapua load performed the best. I reloaded in an effort to get as close to factory specs in terms of velocity. I am not at home right now but my load was: Once fired Lapua Brass, prep'd, with neck sized only with Lee Collet Neck sizer Fed 210M primer 45gr N140 (will confirm - off the top of my head) OAL to max magazine length ( will confirm) Consistently sub 1/2 MOA when I had my act together... My brass prep consisted of inside and outside primer pocket uniforming, cut to length (not required most of time).