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hard 7mm bullet

B*er seun said: a friend of mine is using factory federal ammo in his 7mm-08 and complains about excessive meat damage on deer at 100m -150m. I offered to ask; if he reloads is there a harder bullet he can use that will waste less meat?

t*dbartell said: barnes tsx, also available in Federal Vital Shock factory ammo

D*gleg said: Boer Seun, I'll second the TSX for little meat damage, even at STW speed. BTW, I ran into your brother at the range the other day.

Sc*tt_N said: I too have noticed that the TSX seems to damage less meat, yet is completely effective.

mpw*lf said: 120 TSX worked great out of my 7mm-08. Bag flop on a high double lung hit lung hit, w/ a 2" circle of blood shot on both entrance and exit. 200 yrd. shot.

Myst*c Precision said: If he reloads, slow the load down. 162gr SST at 2500/2600fps will bruise little meat and is 1/3 the cost of the Barnes. Jerry

*ulrich said: Stay away from the bones, put a bullet through a shoulder or a ham and you will lose meat. I guess tsx's would be a little better since they don't fragment that often. Just this last weekend I was pulling fragments out of a back strap 6" to either side of the hit, but then that is a screwed up shot. I'd try tsx's if not for the fact that it is hard for me to give up the idea that some fragmentation is a good thing.

gth said: Accubonds. I killed 3 deer and a bear this year with accubonds out of a 7mm-08 at the high end of 7mm-08 velocities for a 140g.. All were lungshots @ 230, 180, 75 and 45 yards. They arent pencilling through and they are doing a good job on the internals with minimal bloodshot meat. If anything they may hold together just a little to well for me.

*agleye said: Don't count on the TSX not wasting meat if you hit the wrong area on an animal. Friend of mine whacked a big muley right on the point of the front shoulder with a 270 & 130 TSX (animal was quartering towards him) The whole quarter was lost, bloodshot area was huge. Definitely a bang-flop, but lots of damage, just as much as any Partition/Accubond I have seen with similar placement, perhaps even a bit more. Exit hole was Loony sized and lungs were mush. Regards, Eagleye.

D*gleg said: it is hard for me to give up the idea that some fragmentation is a good thing. I tend to agree with you on that one, course I'm much more concerned with killing power than meat saving anyway.