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where do you buy brass?

Pr*utfoo said: Hello guys, (and gals?) I have been sitting on a pile of Igman 6.5x55 brass, and to make a long story short am giving up on trying to work with it. I am not even sure that it is brass, looks like some off-brass alloy of some kind. Anyway, I have a very small quantity of winchester brass which seems to be the opposite of the Igman. Easy to work with. Anyone here load 6.5x55 that would like to share their source for brass at a decent price? thanks:rolleyes:

R*ckChucker said: For Remington or Winchester brass Wholesale Sports or Russels Sports are a good bet for a decent price and availablity.

bcst*ve said: Russels and Wholesale, Remington or Winchester at $18.99/50

d*zzy dan 1 said: Russels and Wholesale, Remington or Winchester at $18.99/50 X2 when I have to buy. DAN>>>:)

pr*sper said: Depends what I'm looking for. If it's just one of my 'plinkers' then I just scavage brass at the range. Otherwise I buy from P&D here in Edmonton - it's close to work, so I just have to pop in and grab what I'm after

J*neau said: Check EBay. Even if some seller state that they are not shipping in Canada, send a email and ask before bidding. Get a shipping quote at the same time. For small quantity,and if they can be found, I will buy them new locally.

sh*otist22-250 said: Off the ground at the range.

r*cciardelli said: 99% of the time at Graf's

RR said: 99% of the time at Graf's Steve I used to buy there but they won't ship brass to Canada anymore.Just through their dealers. Rich

G*bbs505 said: Wholesale sports, Russels, local stores, online, where ever I can find it!!

S*ndRoad said: Are there any dealers for Grafs in Canada? They have some of their own brands of brass for old military calibers. Their own brass is relatively cheap since for some the only alternative is Laupua. K

RR said: Doug Raynor Raynorshine