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223 in Armalite M15

c*lt45cz75 said: I just bought one and I am looking for load suggestions. Mag length rounds and match rounds ,etc. I shoot a 40 v-max in my 700 VS but they are 2 different things, So I'm looking for a starting place.All contributions gratefully accepted.:)

sm*k_daddy said: Depends what kind of shooting, depends on your barrel twist. Assuming you have a 1/9" twist: 69 gr SMK under 24 - 25 grains of either RL-15 or varget works great out to 300 yards. For cheap plinking 24-25 grains of H335 under a 55 gr FMJ is good too. If you have a 1/7" twist 77 gr smk with 23- 24 grais of varget will work out to 600 yards fairly well. Start the powder charges low and work up to see what works best in your rifle. As always check for pressure signs. I usually go 2.260 for my mag length rounds.