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primer for 338 lapua

h*d said: need some advice for primer usage, i bought some federal GM210m match primers is it suitable for 338 lapua for target load? or should i be better using mag. primers . thx

Br*inless said: I was Told Magnum Primers

HKM*rk23 said: Been Using M 215 with MV consistency of 25-28 f/s.

B*gUglyMan said: Better use Magnuum primers. You're burning a boatload of powder.

D*gleg said: H4831 should be along in a minute to say that it doesn't matter.:p Until then, go with the 215M.

R*Pete said: You need the Magnum primers to ignite the large quantity of powder. CCI LR Magnum Federal 215M Win LR Magnum.

Gl*ck4ever said: I am using CCI LR Magnum primers and it seems to be shooting pretty well.

h*d said: ok, i save the match primers for the 308 and get some m215 thx