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Am I crazy? Okay, maybe a little bit, but...

D*ve L. said: ...Looking back on how the 8x57mm Mauser cartridge is purposely underloaded so it wouldn't blow up the old eighteenth century guns, I've been wondering. Would it be a safe to attempt to load up the 8x57mm Mauser cartridge to the levels of say, a .30-06 and fire it in a WWII-era rifle in good condition? And how would one go about doing this? Is there any published load data I could start looking for? - Dave.

C*nuck223 said: Towards what end? The standard loads work fine out to the limits of the round. Pushing the bullet faster will give you just slightly more range than you can likely see with iron sights anyway.

b*t119 said: Mauser action rifles vary in strengh and workmanship each has its own level os safe loads, for example a pre 1939 German mauser is the finest strongest military action ever made, by 1942 rifle production was cutting corners and quaility was dropping, by 1943 they were using prisoners of war for factory work and I am pretty sure slave labour was not turning out a good product. First step is to make sure your mauser rifle is of good quality.

b*t119 said: To answer the question of what to load for a 8 X 57 Mauser every book will give you a different answer in the past I would take some 4831 and fill it to the bottom of the neck and dump it onto the scale, weigh it and reduce 5% then load 3 cartridges in increasing 1 grain increments, shoot over your chorny ( if you don't have one get one ) until you see signs of pressure ,tight opening action, flattened primer etc. or there is no increase in velocity. Another thing about Mausers is the barrel twist was designed to shoot military bullets of 215 grs. and trying to shoot 150 grs. tends to make your groups open up. What I did in the past was to rechamber to 8 Gibbs using 200 gr, Nosler partions and acheived a velocity of 2850 FPS. this was my standard moose round for 15 years, one shot kills on 1200Lb. moose at 200 yards was normal .

d*vid doyle said: Towards what end? Can't believe you would ask that! I think the answer is so that your not stuck shooting a 60PSI action at BP 30-30 velocities (assuming yank ammo) If you are shooting milsurp you probabley already are at or over 06 performance. the 8x57 mauser cartridge is one of the all time greats and by all means reload for it!

t*riaq said: There are two versions of the 7.92x57 service cartridge. The earlier version uses a smaller diameter bullet (.318" - I bore) than the later, 1905, (.323" - S bore). Using the later type of ammunition in the early rifles isn't so much a matter of bullet diameter vs groove diameter, its the larger bullet in the cartridge neck not fitting the chamber and throat correctly. Earlier rifles were routinely altered to increase chamber neck/throat diameters to allow .323" ammuntion to be used. These rifles will be stamped "S" on the breech. North American ammunition is loaded with a compromise diameter bullet, usable in early and late pattern rifles, with a moderate powder charge, North Americans being unable to differentiate between the two versions. The Europeans are aware of the difference in the two cartridges, and load both. European ammuntion with the later .323" diameter bullet, as loaded by Norma, RWS, S&B, PPY, Igman, etc., is loaded to full performance, on a par with .30-06. A rifle chambered for the S bore cartridge, in sound condition, can certainly use full power ammuntion. There are the reservations about German rifles made late in the war. Don't know how many, if any, failed as a result of using standard ammuntion. Many Israeli Mausers are '44-'45 dated, were extensively used, and converted to NATO. Dave, isn't your licence revocaton hearing the day after tomorrow? Shouldn't you be worrying about something other than handloading 8mm ammuntion?

C*cked&Locked said: Dave, isn't your licence revocaton hearing the day after tomorrow? Shouldn't you be worrying about something other than handloading 8mm ammuntion? Well if there was any doubt he was a real gunnut, that oughta dispell it :D Whats this about a license revoction? I've been away a bit....... Any large ring mauser with a proper bore should stand much higher pressure then factory loadings, the original service ammo was much hotter, but make sure you know what your dealing with before you start soupping stuff up.

D*ve L. said: Dave, isn't your licence revocaton hearing the day after tomorrow? Shouldn't you be worrying about something other than handloading 8mm ammuntion? I tend to worry quite a bit about various things, especially serious issues like a license revocation but learning new things and having the opportunity to grow my mind in an area I find interesting (such as handloading the 8x57mm Mauser) tends to make me feel relaxed and gives me something to focus on. So I guess it's all good, naturally. I'll be at class tomorrow, the lawyer is going to appear on my behalf, and it's probably better that way. I've been somewhat confused over the S and I bores, but if one is smaller than the other I can understand that. I suppose when, uh, if I'm able to get it I'll have to have it checked out by a gunsmith to see whether it's an S or I bore. In either case I'm hoping I'll be able to shoot full power through it. A real fan of firepower wouldn't settle for anything less. - Dave.

B said: Good luck with your license BTW Dave. With your abundance of ideas and enthusiasm you could do a lot of wild and wacky things for the shooting community.