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p*ladin said: ;) Looking to get started in reloading. Might as well start here and see what I can find. Would like to find/start with an RCBS press and go from there. Anything out there ?? Thanks

B*ngup said: I have a number of items for sale, see; May have a Lee Classic cast press for sale as well, let me know if you are interested. Probably $95.00 + shipping.

240g*rd said: Best thing to do is buy the RCBS reloding starter kit,$319.95 from wholesale sports,buy new and have it for a life time.(my rcbs press is 35 yrs old) Gord.

L*fty Dick said: I like the look of Lymans T Mag combo kit, P&D has them for $425, this kit is nice because it comes with a case trimmer, which the RCBS ones dont do for what ever reason.

*OB said: Reloading Starting Kit Loading Manual Suggest Hodgen #26 for a start/Speer Good weigh scale RCBS Mod 502/505 either will do. [A MUST] Press. Partner or Rockchucker [Partner is good starter] Dies RCBS Hornaday Lyman Lee my preference RCBS [ Carbide set for Pistols] Case Lube Must for lubing rifle cases before resizing. Not required for most pistols if using carbide dies. Loading block RCBS or ? used to hold cases. Powder funnel Primer Tray or [Flipper] Trim to Length gauge Rifle-Pistol Hammer type bullet puller [You will need] sooner or later Build a solid bench. Nice to Have Digital Calipers [check house of tools] Electronic powder scale & dispenser RCBS $319 + Scales $300-or Lyman Auto Scale $360. Case trimmer [I like Forster] $83.00-$90.00 For rifle mainly. Primer pocket cleaning brushes $9.00 ea handle $11.00 again mainly rifles. Powder measure RCBS Uniflow [I prefer] $110 Lyman same $ as RCBS Case Cleaner Tumbler $120-$259.00 ================================================== =========== Shop the Gun shows, Bargain Finder Etc Price 50%-70% depending on condition. You can use Wholesale Sports catalog as a guide to new prices. ================================================== =========== If going to load mainly for pistol look at Dillion Blue presses. 550-650 Reloading Take time to phone the following and ask for their free catalogs. RCBS tell them you are going to be reloading soon and would like a catalog and anything else they have to guide you in getting started.1-800-533-5000 . Do same for Lyman at 1-800-22-Lyman ask for reloading and cast bullet Guide to assist you to start. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reloading Costs Approximately .45 ACP Powder 1400 rounds to 1 pound. ….…………………$0.02 Primers 5000 to carton………………………………….$0.026 Bullet 230 gr @ $110 thousand………………………..$0.11 .45 Cases (used) 1 thousand…………………………..$0.15 Total $0.30 per round. Cost per round once you have the cases. Total $0.15 Or $7.50 box of 50 depending powder and bullets used. Same type of savings on other calibers Based on Powder @ $26.73 lb Primers @ $119.00 for 5000 Bullets 230JHP @ $110.00 for 1000. Re powder, bullets & primers if possible get together with friends and buy in bulk. ie powder 4 or 8 lb kegs. Primers by case etc Enjoy AOB:D

H*ndloader B.C. said: I agree with 240Gord. Get the RCBS starter kit with the Rock Chucker press and live happily ever after. Even when you advance to a progressive, you will still use and love the RCBS set up. My Rock Chucker is 20+ years old and is still the best of the bunch. Carry on!