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Lee 50th Anniversary Kit is Great

G*of said: My lovely wife got me the Lee 50th Anniversary Kit for Christmas and I am very impressed (yes, with her as well as the product). I've never re-loaded in my life and with the instructions right out of the box and a little reassurance from the internet, I was able to re-load my first batch of 45 Colt cartridges! And I shot them all and I still have my face and fingers!!! But what I was most impressed with is the factory support. I had one of the three bushings that they include in the kit that was stripped so that I could not screw my dies into it. I wondered if I should contact the place that my wife bought the kit from or just call the factory. I decided to just call the factory. I spoke with a woman who was very knowledgable about the product and she took my address and told me the part would be in the mail the next day. She just sent it out, no questions asked. Wow, very impressive. And I just figured that with so much bad service today in the retail word, I'd just give kudos to a company that appears to be doing it right!

*asyrider604 said: Well that's nice to hear. Once in a while, Lee has a happy customer:D Seriously, you got a good wife, bro. Once you get used to the way Lee equipment works, you'll be a loyal customer like some of us CGNners. You may or may not outgrow your Lee, you may even move up to the great Dillon 1050, whatever happens, that's fine. Enjoy your new hobby.

*EM said: I'm a happy customer too! Broke the handles on my good buddy's 9 mm 6-cavity and emailed Lee the photos, they sent me new handles no charge. Truth be told, RCBS has got great service too. My dies are all Lee, but my press is an old RCBS rockchucker that's simply bulletproof. And that Lee powdermeasure is just fantastically accurate!

hk33k*1 said: I like my Lee 50th kits too, and must also say Lee and RCBS have great customer service!

j*wsman said: I picked up the very same kit in the summer and it's been great. I have no complaints with the equipment so far. Enjoy the new hobby. IT WILL CONSUME YOU!!!!!!!!!!

D*vie Sprocket said: I have one as well, its been good to me. Its the first press I have but I have used it for 308,30-06. No complaints so far.

st*ve62 said: I justy ordered this kit I am glad to hear everyone likes it.

z*ppy_the_wonder_chimp said: Just got into reloading last Spring and am loving my Lee 50th set. Easy to set up equipment and everything I needed to start going, just had to buy a die set and components. :)