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New to me rifle is a shooter, so far.

c*th8r said: Don't know why I'm posting this. Just pretty pumped. I traded a rifle on this forum a few months back for a Rem VSSF II in .22-250. Finally got dies and components and worked up some loads with Varget and Hornady 52gr. BTHP match bullets. Settled on 36 grs. for now and roughed the rifle in at 75 yards a few nights ago. Shooting it for the first time. Tonight I set up a target at 220 yards behind the house and turned 3 loose off of lead shot bags off of the ground. 2 bullets land 1/2" apart 3/8" left of the 1" dot and the flyer goes 1 1/2" 1:00 from the first 2 shots. I know this is just the start and I shouldn't get my hopes up too high. Just nice to get off to a good start with a used rifle. Will continue shooting and getting this thing dialed in. All three would have hit a clay pigeon with room to spare. :)

sn*per762 said: I have one in .204 its a shooter and i love the look of it!