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b*gie said: So when I am working up a load I move up 1/2 grain at a time. Is this the standard increment or should I move by 1/3 grain at a time or 1/4 grain. Is that much of a change likely to even be noticeable? Getting conflicting info and not sure. Besides I have a bunch of loads to work up and dont want to miss something important. Your thoughts o wise ones...Note corrected to GRAINS my bad(tired)

#1bcsh*oter said: Gram or Grains . Loading data is in grains

*gilent_one said: grains? 1 gram is 15.43 grains. Be careful.

b*gie said: My bad and have corrected to grains. Too many irons in the fire:)

s*skgunowner101 said: What are you reloading for?? And which powders?? I think it all depends on these two things, with a dash of how precise you want to be. :)

l*neofsight said: Been going with .5 grain increments. Then when find the load with most promise will bracket it with .2 on each side to determine if improvement and in which direction. Then know if +/- .2 better or worse which then gives idea of .1. Personally suspect .1 may be lost among temperature (ambiant & barrel), fouling, wind, coffee... but what the heck, if reloading anyways whats the harm in adding or subtracting .1 from the subsequent batch? All part of the fun. Incidentally, real men shoot 5 shot groups. Realistically, think need a chrony so can determine absolute variance and SD... probably far more accurate than measuring groups.

G*nderite said: In a handgun I do a survey of laods in 0.3 gr increments. In medium rifles I use 0.5 gr for the inital survey, then come back and test in 0.2 gr around whatever looked promising. In big cases, (60 gr or more) I use increments of 1.0gr increments.

h*nter64 said: I do the same as Ganderite and lineofsight stated. I start with 5 shot groups and when I find something promising I go .2 grains either way and open my groups to 10 shots to see if there is any difference. Usually the .2 grains either way doesn't make a huge difference but you never know. If it is a hunting recipe that I am after then I stick to the higher velocity of the best group.

d*n belisle said: Ditto. My increase or decrease weight depends on the case volume. Big cases changes are 1 gr. Medium 0.5 gr. Small cases 0.1 gr. Just a rule of thumb. - dan

pd*bois64 said: I use 0.1gr incriments when working up handgun loads. I do find a difference in accuracy at these increments.

b*gie said: FWIW I am currently loading 223, 30-30, 308, and 30-06. So far for the 223 I am going with Varget, H335, H4895 and H4350. Trying to stay with powders that will do more than 1 cal. I might get either some Benchrest or Lilgun since I shoot the 223 much more than the 30cals. 223 is paper punching and varmints while the 30cals mostly for hunting but I shoot them to be comfy with.