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.243+105Gr. Berger+NEF=?????

h*midart said: Okay Buddy says his site cant help him out I say you guys are smarter:D Bob has a single shot NEF .243 he went out and bought some 105Gr. Berger VLD's and figures he can make them fly:confused: Well all I have seen him produce with stanard table loads is keyholes anywhere from 25-100Yds.:( I am not sure on the rate of twist 10 or 12 But I would like to build him something that will fly as a jab for Christmas:redface: I have a good supply of powders but I have to use the 105's I can stand a little extra pressure if neccessary. Thanks Pete......

sbt*nnex said: You're right -we are smarter..... Not enough twist to stabilize the 105's - even the 1:10 probably won't do it, and the 1:12 certainly can't.

r*berti11 said: Sorry, but those bullets will never fly in that rifle. Those are designed for 6mmBR rifles with twists of 1:8 and Mvel of 3000 fps. A minimum stability factor is 1.0, a good stability factor is 1.5. Even if you have a 1:10 twist the best stability factor you will get with that rifle is 0.58 = Keyholes. I would not waste powder or time, just put then on the EE for someone else to use. Sorry...:mad:

w*ndborne11 said: In that twist I would try Hornady 87gr BTHP. Nothing heavier. Excellent shooting bullet for low cost/easy access.

msg.dr*w said: I have some 87 V-max he could try

b*n hunchak said: Yup, those pencils wouldn't fly true in a 6mm rem. 1-10twist and top end loads for a friend, and i don't imagine they came cheap!

J*sonYuke said: You never know, it does not make 100% sence but mine loves 100 grainers 1 to 9.25 twist

J*sonYuke said: I should add, my 1 to 8 , 6mm br shoots 107s and 108s quite well. I think you will have better success with 75 to 85 grain bullets if 1 to 10, but heck try them and see,,,the gun will tell you soon enough

r*n hilchey said: The best results I had with the .243WSSM were with 75g V-MAX @ 3500fps.with a 1/10 twist rate. Accuracy dropped off with anything heavier, and none of the 90g + loads would stabilize. 1/8 seems to be the way to go with the 105-107s.I was thinking of trying a 1/7.5 Gaillard next season.

r*n hilchey said: Just checked the Burger site. For long range they recommend. 1/7-115 VLD. 1/8-108 BT. 1/9-95 VLD. Found this twist rate formula on another site. Twist= 150x D2/L D= bullet diameter inches. L= bullet length inches. 150= constant. Not sure what your length is, but give it a try.

H4831 said: My 243 Ruger with 10 in twist would shoot 100 grain bullets well, but 105s would start to keyhole.

sbt*nnex said: Mine's a 1:9.25 - shoots 95's and 100's at any speed I can generate.

cycbb486 said: will not work. My rem 700 6BR is a 10 twist and it will stabilize 95gr Bergers and 95gr SMK's at 1000. Never tried the heavier cause I know they will not make it. On the other hand my Rem 700 Youth 243 Win with a 20" barrel has a 9.25 twist and it stabilizes the 105 A-Max at 500 no problem. I have not shot it any further as I would not shoot at a whitetail beyond that range. That is about the max effective range for it. I am going to try some 105 Bergers and 107 SMK's and see if they make it out there. Calvin

BCFr*d said: Had the same experience with 105 g Berger in 1 in 10 twist. It's a little intimidating the first time you see a perfect outline of the side elevation of a bullet on the target at 100 meters or when the bullet goes right off the paper. The 105 Amax was a little more forgiving but it wouldn't work in my 6 mm BR either. Of course, either bullet calls for better than 1 in 10. Like others have said, the 87 g Hornady was a good one. It's a pretty honest bullet right out to 1000 meters or so in my rifle, but not as good as the Berger 90 g FB at most ranges (shot it to 500 m). For some reason my rifle really likes that Berger 90 grainer flat back.

R*bmcleod82 said: Im having a problem building a load for my nef 243 with a one in 10, my best groups were with 39 grains of h-380, 80 grain nosler balistic tips, and same powder charge with 90 grain bergers, i am seated about 15 thou off the lands any sugestions? also tried mag primers didnt seem to make a diff. I am planing on trying the 90 grain bergers with 4320 powder.

BCFr*d said: Shot and loaded for a number of 6 mm Remingtons over the years and they always preferred somewhat slower powders than you are using, e.g. 4350, W760, 4831 and RL22. Of course the 6 mm has a bit more powder capacity than the 243 and in some of them I had match barrels with faster twists. But, just out of curiousity I went to my books to see if the 243 might be this way. After looking for awhile I kind of felt I would move to somewhat slower powders. My Nosler handbook, for example, shows 4350 to be a good performer with 85 grain and RL 22 with 95 grain and they were testing with a 1 in 10 twist. Similar story with Hornady manual. 760 and 4350 show up as good powders with 75 grainers or bigger. As you go to bigger bullets RL 19 shows up. My Hodgdon manual does seem to favour moderate burners like Varget and H4895, but H414 and BL-C(2) are good too and by the time you reach 100 grains even H1000 shows up. I guess what a person would try depends on what they are going to use the load for, but I liked WW760, RL 22, H4350 and H4831. Maybe someone who loads for 243 a lot will confirm or refute this. But I think I would try somewhat slower powders.

Sc*nner_66 said: I would try 7828 starting at 41 grs and work up for those 105gr Bergers....