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Powder amount or performace or?

j*e-nwt said: I see lots of people saying they use "brand x" powder because you can use a grain or two less in a given case, and performance is "almost" the same. Or passing up a given cartridge because " for all that extra powder you don't get that much of a performance gain". Sometimes this is what could be perceived as a ridiculously small amount of powder. So what do you select your powder based on for the most part? Option #1 for me.

y*dave said: i figure velocity for paper isn't important. I go for accuracy and try to maintain over 90% case capacity with the powders I choose from. Before choosing a powder I check the manual and see what the pressure is going to be and try to choose one with a lower pressure and average velocity, I have never got a trophy in a match for having the fastest bullet and never heard of anyone getting on either. Maybe it is time for a online cronograph match with specific calibre and bullet weight..............

C*vey Ridge said: I take a look at 4 different manuals and one that icludes specific data for the bullet I am going to use. I read the notes especially the recomendations for highest velocity and accuracy. I often pic a load that seems to require a higher grain weight because I figure that tiny differencence in measurement will not matter as much. I pick common brands like IMR, H, and Reloader and avoid the others. When I am done I like my case full. If I get an inch 3 shot group from cold, I am happy. If I do not get near the accuracy I want, I try my second choice. I never calculate loads per pound or cost per pound. I often start with soemthing that worked before. eg. if I wanted to load a 30.06 I would start with IMR 4350. I always try to work up to maximimun recomended and I never crono.

44B*re said: Different criteria for different cartridges--some for economy, some for accuracy and some for velocity--some for best combo. 44Bore

*M_Lugger said: I go for performance - mainly high velocity :) of course accuracy is important as well.

w*odchopper said: I reload for 8 different rifle calibers so i'm looking for a range of powders that work. Right now I have 4 different powders suitable for rifles and have tried a few others. In my list are 3 different IMR powders, off the top of my head they are 4895, 4350, 4831, and Hodgdon 380. I've also used Winchester 748 and 760. pistols I have Win 231 and accurate No7. I've never really considered how many powder charges/Lb when reloading I try to match up the right powder for each round, and preferably something I have in stock.

Cy*N1de said: Performance to a point. I use Varget in my .223 and 6BR and I am very pleased with it. I have not tried Vihtavuori powder and probably won't. I don't believe the performance gain vs price difference would be noticeable at my skill level. At $40/lb for Vit and $30/lb for Varget I'll stick with the cheaper in this case. Someone may come along and say that they use the Vit because they get better groups/scores while using it instead of Varget and that's great for them. What is good for one person is not necessarily good for another.

p-17 said: For me, it's a combination of accuracy and velocity. This is why I've switched to Vihtavuori N560 in my hunting loads in .30-06 and .300 Winchester Magnum. I've tried many other powders, and some have worked well -- some, exceptionally well. But so far, N560 has given me the best accuracy combined with the highest velocity. It's a no-brainer. For competitive target shooting, however, where volume and cost are major factors, I stick with Varget in my .308 because it works and has an impeccable track record. It gives me excellent accuracy and velocity, it's temperature insensitive, and its cheap and available. From the above, you can see that the criteria change with the application.

j*m webster said: Different criteria for different cartridges--some for economy, some for accuracy and some for velocity--some for best combo. 44Bore I have to agree with 44Bore jim w