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Reloading Question

N*ck E said: Hello, I have a quick question for all you re-loaders out there. I was wondering if military surplus ammunition can be re-loaded? or are there some kinds that you can and some kinds you can't,I have no idea hopefully someone can shed some light on the subject. thanks for your help

St*yr101 said: Basically, anything with steel cases and/or berdan prmiers cannot be re-loaded.

B*omer said: From time to time you might come across military ammo with brass cartridge cases and boxer primers, but there are two things to be aware of. First is that military primers are crimped in place so after the spent primer is knocked out it will be necessary to remove the crimp before the casing can be primed. This can be achieved in one of two ways, the first way is to swage the crimp out with tool designed for the job, like RCBS's Primer Pocket Swage Tool and another way is to cut the crimp away with either a deburring tool (not ideal) or with a special cutter like the excellent ones made by Wilson. The crimps can be either a full ring of brass pressed around the primer or with several stab crimps at points around the primer. Either swaging or cutting effectively removes either style of crimp. The next concern is that military brass is typically heavier than commercial brass. This means that maximum pressures will be reached with smaller powder charges. Loads for military cases must be worked up carefully, and under no circumstances can you safely assume that the maximum load listed in a manual can be used in a military cartridge case. Military cases and commercial cases should not be mixed together for this reason. Having said that, I've had excellent surplus brass the US, Canada, Finland, and Czechoslovakia in 9mm, 5.56 and 7.62 Nato rounds and .30/06. The Nato spec brass can be recognized by a circled cross on the head stamp, although this does not identify the primer.

j*llyroger said: What about putting 7.62 through .308 dies? big no no? (same question, 5.56 - .223)???

bl*cksmithden said: Here's what you do. Look at the flash hole inside the case. Do you see one flash hold, and is it in the middle of the case head????? If you answered no to either of these questons, you've got Berdan primed brass and not Boxer. Chuck it.